Sunday, September 14, 2008

see that there's a party going on

Around 6 a.m this morning i was feeling more than happy.Maybe our first Plaid party wasn't that hyped or overpacked but the people who showed up had genuine fun and danced with big smiles on their faces till early morning.I think the peak moment for me was playing Lies by GQ and seeing everyone throwing their hands in the air the moment the first line played through the speakers.See that there's a party going on!!Special mention to the guys that took their tops off.I want to thank everyone who was there and enjoyed the music with us.I will be happy as long as positive people, as the ones we had with us last night, show up at our parties and dance their hearts out.Alexees nice T shirt by the way.Keep the good vibes.I want to thank Yoga Bala and the Outro girls for their lovely vibe and the chance they give us and many other Djs who love good music.Cu at the next Plaid party sometime soon.

GQ-Lies-Theo Parrish Ugly Edit


Anonymous said...

nice party at yoga ...:))

Peter PleasureCruise said...

good vibes and good music. nice.

Anonymous said...

true true true, it's all about keeping a positive mental attitude and emphatically ignoring the misers! we had a great time! and by the way, my t-shirt is NOT for sale! our party is on the 27th, seeya there? keep on keepin' on! alexees