Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the big sky

In the days before mass media,internet and globalisation you could easily tell what was dustbin material and what was for keeping in a safe.Kate Bush was and is even now (her latest album Aerial is a masterpiece) a case of an artist that stands out in a world surrounded by mediocracy.It's one of those rare cases that looks like as if god put his finger in the pot and stirred things a bit.For Kate's benefit ''god'' did a good job.It's quite hard to find an artist who has real concept behind almost every material he puts out in the market.In Kate Bush's work everything,from the lyrics to the videos and the choreography had a story to tell.Wuthering Heights,Babooshka,Running Up That Hill,Hounds Of Love are all fine exmples of how you can take culture and transform it into commercial success.Eclectic isnt' a word usually connected with sells but think that Kate Bush is maybe one of the most succesful artists the last 30 years.She had the voice the body and the wits to turn everything she touched into gold.Some people may find this funny but i always thought she was quite attractive too.Especially in Babooshka..Well taste is a very personal thing.It was quite hard to choose a song from her work.She produced almost every kind of music from classical to pop and new wave to folk.After some thought i chose a song from the Hounds Of Love album called Big Sky.The Hounds of Love is probably one the best albums ever and the track of the same name even got a cover by British indie rockers The Futureheads.Big Sky is jaw dropping track with tribal drums,a techno beat ,wailing guitars and loads of special Fx.All of this in 1985 by a woman about 5''3 feet tall.

Kate Bush-The Big Sky-Metereological Mix

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