Monday, September 8, 2008

funky nassau

Guy Cuevas was a pivotal figure in the Parisian 80's club scene.He was the resident DJ of the " Le Palace Club''.Apart than his DJ duties he produced some notable records with the best being Obsession on Island records.The good part of the story is that on the knobs of the production mixer were the magic hands of dub or otherwise Francois Kevorkian.FK was always flirting and experimenting with the dub sound and you can find his name among many production credits of Island Records and other dub reggae labels.Even nowadays at his infamous Deep Space Nyc Parties he hosts dub records are always part of the playlists.Obsession's Nassau mix is one of the best productions of FK.He created a a sound that so vivid almost and fluid like that water running.The dubby effects and the percussion are massive and it makes the record qualify for the best dub disco record ever.Add some pseudo latin vocals(Guy Cuevas was Cuban in origin) and you have an unbeatable result.

Guy Cuevas-Obsession (Nassau Mix)

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Disco D said...

Worth noting that Steven Stanley remixed this with Fran├žois Kevorkian.
And, there's a nice "London Mix" by Godwin Logie, on the B-Side :)