Monday, September 1, 2008

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Kuniyuki Takahashi is a sound designer and producer who is based and works in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. In 1994, he started his solo musical career. In 1997, as FRR HIVE, he released a mini album which was released on CD and 12INCH from the BASSMENTAL label. And in 1998, he had been participated in the RAINBOW 2000 outdoor festival in Japan, as a member of HOSONO HARUOMI(YMO) group.

In 2000, as Kuni, he released a track which was included on Dego of 4 Hero's, 2000 BLACK label called "THE GOOD GOOD" compilation. In 2001, as KOSS, he has released his full-length album out of soundofspeed and as Kuni, he released a12inch EP from Lifeline Records.

Kuni also remixed ANANDA PROJECT's track, "Cascades of Colour", which was included in the Ananda Project Remix Album titled, Re-Release out of King Street Sounds. In 2002, as Kuniyuki, he just released a 12inch EP called "Precious Hall", out of Natural Resource, a division of Joe Claussell's Spiritual Life Music label. As KOSS, he released his 1st LIVE album CD through soundofspeed.

He is no doubt one of Japan's best kept secrets. International DJ's such as Joe Claussell, Dego, DJ Cosmo, Jimpster to name but a few, have been falling over themselves when they heard his produced tracks. Now, some of them have been releasing his works through their own labels. He has also been working closely with the soundofspeed crew over the past few years and releasing hisworks on their own label and performing live with them in their famed parties which are held regularly in Tokyo and sometimes in parties such as the Big Chill and in excursions to Austria and Europe. Check out the ever-consistent and surprisingly prolific producer out of Sapporo.

all time classic 10 by Kuniyuki Takahashi

1 Vangelis / L'Apocalypse Des Animaux side B
2 Peter gabriel / Passion
3 Pat Metheny&lyle mays / So falls wichita falls
4 Edfar froese / Epsilon in Malaysian Pale
5 Aretha Franklin / Amazing Grace
6 Brian eno / Onland
7 Donald Byrd / Fancy Free
8 Eberhard Weber / The Following Morning
9 Djabote / Doudou N'Diaye Rose
10 Mccoy Tyner / Fly With The Wind

A Mountain Of One did a wonderful touching remix here.

KUNIYUKI - TOUCH {a mountain of one peyote remix}

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