Monday, September 8, 2008

canadian club

In the early 70's Canadian Crooner Ginno Vannelli was considered to be America's answer to the Welsh dynamite known as Tom Jones.Well aprt from sharing a deep and heavy voice these two guys shared nothing in common.Gino was an all round artist whose releases where far more sophisticated than singing for coctail parties.In his albums you could find a mix from rock,jazz vocal,fusion or even disco in the early 80's.Recently i stumbled upon a track from his 1978 album Brother to Brother that blew me away on the first listen.The track of the same name is a bomb with guiter solos and drumming that leave you speechless.The frantic percussion is provided by top session player Manolo Badrena known from his work with Airto and Jaco Pastorious.Gino's outstanding voice runs over the music like the wind and the lyrics are quite hippy exploring universal love and people needing one another.Absolutely flawless.

Gino Vannelli-Brother To Brother


Arthit said...

was he the guy who did "I just Wanna stop"? It was one of those songs you heard on fm radio and had to call the station asking who's this.

Disco D said...

Perhaps his finest album.
I'm a sucker of Jazz-Funk-Rock-Fusion. Lots of over-the-top Muso playing!