Sunday, December 26, 2010

imperfect list 2010

So although a bit late compared to every one else out there,this is my list of the best things that happened in 2010.Another year is ready to go by and it's always exciting to anticipate what's up next while catching a short glimpse of what is leaving us behind and realising what parts of our lives are destined to remain ''classic'' like the songs and stuff in this list.So without further ado this my list.

Best Tracks Of 2010

1.Sombrero Galaxy-Journey to the Centre of the Sun.
2.Backwoods-Cloud Nine
3.Maxxi&Zeus-The Struggle
4.Laughing Light of Plenty-The Flow Motion
5.I Feel Studio-The Coptic Sun
6.KZA-Le Troubiant Acid
7.Richard Gateaux-The Life Cycle of A Paranoid Man
8.Begin-Optical Holiday
9.Le Corps-Gandhi-Weatherall Mix
10.Cos Mes-Heavenly Trax-Jonny Nash Mix
11.Dj Kaos-Horny Morning Loop-Dr Dunks Mix
12.Four Hands-Hizou
13.Pacific Horizons-Universal Horizons
15.Max Essa-Panorama Suite

Best Labels

ESP Institute
International Feel

Best Albums

Arcade Fire-Suburbs
Cantoma-Out Of Town
Arp And Anthony Moore-Today's Psalter

Best Sites

Haw Lin(again)
A Journal Of Curiosities(sameless self promotion)

Best Moments Of 2010

The Stallions party in Athens
Laura giving birth to twins
The first Non Collective bash in London
Columbo Beach
Eating fish at Anafi
The Loft last April
Days At Altana
Walking across Thames docklands and Chelsea

Vags's tracks of the year

1. Ichican & Nakova - Pionir
2. Yuki Suzuki - I need love (Lee Douglas remix)
3. Coyote - Seconds (remix)
4. Begin - Optical holiday
5. Max Essa - Panorama suite
6. Cos/Mes - Heavenly trax (J.Nash remix)
7. D-Pulse - Velocity of love
8. COMBI - We gotta high together
9. Maxxi & Zeus - American dreamer
10. Bison - Way to L.A.
11.Dr Dunks - Keep it cheap
12. Cantoma - Cambarra (Lexx Remix)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

ghost of christmas past

This is the mix i made for the Greece is for lovers Christmas sale at Myran.Wishing you all a merry Christmas and loads of love from the people you care about.Let's all feel the real spirit of these days which is loving and forgiving and less buying and eating although we can all use some of that too.