Sunday, June 20, 2010

balearic love

So it's time for a new mix by me following a series of mixes made last summer dedicated to the sound of the white island.Once again it's all about going back to the basics.Smiles,love,echoes of Chris Rea on a beach,the Grand Bleu,90's italian brands,the sound of the sea on an empty beach,getting drunk on cheap wine,evening shadows at Cafe Del Mar,Mykonos in the 90's,sunsets at Caprice,suntan smelling bags,Sade singing on the radio.This is a balearic love affair.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

aftrenoon (trade) mix

Here's my 60 minutes mix
somewhere.. out there.. close to the Aegean sea ..

enjoy !

1.D.Sylvian/Sakamoto/Chavez - heartbeat
2.Paul Bryan - Feel like i feel
3.Third World - Cool meditation
4.Madness - Africa
5.Dubben - Rainha do dub
6.Blackbyrds - Dreaming of you
7.Iz It - Make it way for the solos
8.Pat Metheny Group - So May It Secretly Begin
9.Frazier Chorus - Nothing (Land of oz mix)
10.Solila - Atlantis (D-pulse mix)
11.The Shamen - Heal the separation (PM Dawn mix)
12.Apsaras !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13.M. McLaren - Call a wave

Afternoon trade mix

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This summer we are going hardcore balearic again trying to stay close to what we believe is the true essence of the true balearic feeling.For me it's all about loving life and the simple joys that summer can give you hidden in the beauty of the sea the wind the sun and love.The reminisce of a more innocent past where people were just having fun without thinking too much about it.For me balearic is the new hippy,a whole attitude towards life.It's my way of facing the harsh realit yof everyday life and the dulness of the city's impact on our lifes'.The missing link between the careless summer's of our childhood and now and the return to being innocent again.The dive into the big blue and the mating with the sea,the eternal woman.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

last tango in paris

This is a beautiful rework of the Gato Barbieri classic that is just great for the starlight summer night to come.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Arriving in Spain from Colombia in the early 70s.
Elkin with his brother Nelson, established themselves
on the Spanish music scene.
Fusing hot Latin songs with influences from James Brown,
Santana, Afro-Cuban and Jazz-Funk, success in Spain
and Latin America saw many number one albums
including "Jibaro". Thanks to the '88-89 Ibiza Balearic Beat scene
DJs such as Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong re-discovered "Jibaro".
Here's my favorite track from the first album called 'Angeles Y Demonios'

Elkin & Nelson - Abran Paso-Ahoa (Enrolle)


June ..our favorite month...
Balearic all the way..

Pep Llado - Vai Vedere