Wednesday, June 16, 2010

aftrenoon (trade) mix

Here's my 60 minutes mix
somewhere.. out there.. close to the Aegean sea ..

enjoy !

1.D.Sylvian/Sakamoto/Chavez - heartbeat
2.Paul Bryan - Feel like i feel
3.Third World - Cool meditation
4.Madness - Africa
5.Dubben - Rainha do dub
6.Blackbyrds - Dreaming of you
7.Iz It - Make it way for the solos
8.Pat Metheny Group - So May It Secretly Begin
9.Frazier Chorus - Nothing (Land of oz mix)
10.Solila - Atlantis (D-pulse mix)
11.The Shamen - Heal the separation (PM Dawn mix)
12.Apsaras !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13.M. McLaren - Call a wave

Afternoon trade mix


Anonymous said...

Delicious music!!
Can you post the tracklist please?

Arthit said...

Things to bring for my Sunday picnic: some pasta; 2 bottles of red wine; a blanket (just in case); magazines. portable tape player and a c-120 metal cassette of this mix. Can't wait.

Arthit said...

Can't figure out who's singing the second track. Surely i have it somewhere. Isn't it one of those Nick De Caro/Roger Nichols/Alessi songs? And that Frazier Chorus tune never fail to crack a smile.

Arthit said...

Paul Bryan of course! Got it on CD and playing it now!

Arthit said...

"After the summer holidays/ I decided to shed my clothes forever/ Now living under clouds of surf/ Rising like steam from a boiling cauldron"

Andrea said...

awesome picture and great music!