Monday, September 22, 2008

like an eagle

Last night i accidentaly came across this epic live version of the much loved classic by Steve Miller.Everytime he and his band didn't aim for the charts they produced some amazing stuff.Here Steve Miller explores the limits of his guitar and extends the original song to an 11 minute acid trip that is more in the vein of their leftfield disco classic Macho City.Steve Miller was a remarkable blues guitarist and i guess you you can't tell that by listening to Abracadabra.Well that was a very popular song when i was young and got extensive airplay on my fathers car stereo.I always rememeber that silly that rhyme that went like this ''Abracadabra i wanna reach out and grab ya''.Well Steve Miller were more than that and this is the solid reason.Time keeps on slippin..

Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle(Live Version)

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