Tuesday, September 30, 2008

classic rock

I spent a whole evening just listening to music with my mate Andrew who serious vinyl collector of 60's and 70's pop psych folk form around the globe.While talking he mentioned a long forgoten classic by Ten Years After.The track was ''I'd love to change the world'' and instantly it became clear that todays post was gonna be this.It's so classic you can't miss this.I mean everyone knows this song but i always thought it was Tim Buckley singing or something.No it's that guy Alvin Lee that knew how to touch a guitar like a few people knew.Check him out playing at Woodstock and you'll see why.Im not a fan of Ten Years after but this song is a killer.It's a pity it was only released as 7'' and its only about 3 minutes long.No re edits this time..Big thanks to Andrew for the inspiration.

Ten Years After-I'd love to change the world

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Arthit said...

would love to see AOR week posts here! Have a great weekend.