Saturday, September 20, 2008

put a little love into it ( when you do it)

Eloise Laws was born in 1949, in Houston, TX. She began recording for Holland-Dozier-Holland's Music Merchant label and had a couple singles released in 1972-1973: "Tighten Him Up" and "Love Factory." When the famous songwriting team folded Music Merchant, they signed Laws to Invictus. They released a few singles and her first LP, 1977's Ain't It Good Feeling Good.

Due to mismanagement, Invictus folded and Laws jumped to ABC to record Eloise, released later that year. Linda Creed, who co-produced the album, produced 1980's Eloise Laws, released on Liberty. All in Time, for Capitol, followed two years later. During this phase of her career, she was also featured on a number of albums by her contemporaries, including Harvey Mason's Funk in a Mason Jar, Aquarian Dream's Fantasy, Lee Oskar's Before the Rain, Ahmad Jamal's One, and several releases by her siblings.

Eloise Laws -Put a little love into it

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Arthit said...

I love Eloise Laws. I picked up her LP "Eloise" (1977)from in a record shop in LA. The shop is Golden Oldies owned by a postman Bill who recommended her album and all i can say that this is my favourite soul album ever. All 9 tracks are lovely, sweet, beautiful and sublime. My top track is "You're Incredible".