Monday, September 8, 2008

plaidmusic at yoga bala

I know we' been a bit lazy lately.Autumn doesn't seem to show up no matter how hard i pray.Athens is still hot hot hot.That alone is a reason to slow me down a bit.Slowly but steady things are starting to shape up though.Last weekend was really great and the clubbing season started with a really succesful event by Disco Pogo team and Eat Disco at Yoga Bala.The best way to kick off the week is to announce Plaidmusic's fisrt ever party at the same venue next Saturday.I really can't hide my excitement about it.Plaidmusic has been around for about three months now and it's nice to see that it appealed to so many people out there.I hope that our effort will start shaping a new musical approach and more people can get in touch with Plaidmusic stands for.So i just hope to see some of you in 5 days.Until then some new posts are coming your way to keep you happy.

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Mathias said...


I wanna thank U for all the great posts !!!

I'm from Brussels (Belgium), home town of Aeroplane, and i think your selection is amazing...

Keep the good relaxing vibes alive, man !