Monday, September 29, 2008

disabled playlist

Since i've been asked sometimes im posting the disabled mix playlist.Im doing it with feelings of dissapointment as everyone is interested in track names and not the music it's self.Anyway im an old nagger,so here you are with no further ado.

1.Mathew Herbert-Its only
2.James Yuill - This Sweet Love -prins thomas sneaky edit
3.Laughing light of plenty-the rose
4.Spiritualized-If i were with her now
5.Alan Parsons Project-Voyager
6.Bastard-Mountaqin of One Rework
8.Combi re edits-it a late
9.Flash and the pan-California
10.Kenny Loggins-Nightwatch
12.Metronomy-Heartbreaker -Faze action dub
13.Faze action-In the trees
14.Paul Jackson-The push


paul658 said...

thanks...amazing time please create tracks in the mix so that i can see what i am hearing...thanks again for the mix...!!!

antonykein said...

what can i say about this mix...astonishing....(kenny Loggins-what a track!!!!!!)thanks chris...great work...keep on...

lola031 said...

awesome mix!!!!!!!!!thank u for your great music!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep on