Thursday, December 3, 2009

A B C (Another Balearic Classic)

Favorite Balearic track of the month

"You are now looking at the second A.B.C.
recording. The A side is a song called "Poison
Arrow" torn from the events of my personal life
away from the glare of publicity. Many of you out
there may think standing in the spotlight brings
many rewards. But let me tell you, the fruits of fame
can be sour and I too have my private moments.
However it is my duty and privilege to share some
of these experiences with you.
Love's Ammunition, A Poison Arrow or the pain
received at the hands of Cupid. But then again - a
love affair without a broken heart? Like making an
omelette without breaking an egg.
The flip-side houses "Theme from Man Trap," the
result of a late night spent with my producer Trevor
Horn and piano accompanist.
Our first disc registered strongly in the
popularity charts but none of this woould have been
possible without you, the discerning customer.
I hope you enjoy this record as much as we
enjoyed making it. Be young. Be foolish. Be
Yours sincerely,
Martin Fry"

ABC - Poison Arrow (Lounge mix)


Arthit said...

Totally in awe with the instrumental break in this song. I reckon the love elements are always in any fantastic Balearic tunes.

Arthit said...

Have you heard the Trevor Horn's Shooting Stars Never Stop 4-hr mix? It's posted at Druffalo site back in September!