Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ithaca 45-47 No

Basso from the Growing Bin blog was kind enough to share a last mix from my friend Petros that passed away last week.This is the last thing he recorded so it's a bit special and filled with emotion.This a good way to remember Petros and for people that didn't know him to see what a musical devotee he was.He was a man with great taste and love for life.I hope you enjoy this and share a thought for him.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

U can't escape the hypeness MIX

This is a quick mix i did yesterday .Enjoy :)

1.Smoke City -with you
2.Ian O'Brian - Midday sun
3.The Aloof - The beach
4.Chaser - Blue planet (Fila Brazillia mix)... See More
5.Prefab Sprout - If you don't love me (F.S.O.L mix)
6.Chris Coco ft Peter Green - Albatross (King Britt mix)
7.Moonbase - Walking in the rain (instr. dub)
8.Solar Stone - Seven Cities (ambient dub)
9.Mudd & Smith - The start
10.Elisa Waut - Four times more
11.C. Hayes - Evening sun
12.Marvin Gaye - You are the way you are (inst.)
13.BLVD POSSE - U can't escape the hypeness vocal

u can't escape the hypeness mix

Friday, April 23, 2010

ela pou eisai?

When is your next gig mate?Wish i could come.Im gonna miss you.This one is for a friend who is not around anymore.Petros was one of those people that could capture your heart without trying too much.Easy to love.A true digger that found in music a real passion.A man who dressed in style and loved life.Goodbye my friend.This is the way i want to remember you.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

london athens paris istanbul

New mix by a really good friend and collaborator of this blog,our man in Tokyo Dr Rob.This time Rob takes you on an oriental flavoured journey that takes you from the dancefloor of Shoom to a harem in Morocco.

A Split Second – Drinking Sand

Beatamax – Caravan

Jah Wobble – Bomba

Code 61 – Drop The Deal

Takis – Paris Istanbul

Bappi Lahira – Habiba

Off – Electrica Salsa

Blancmange – Living On The Ceiling

David Harrow – Yassassin

Deepak & Khan – Holle Holle

Soundclash Republic – Too Eastern Mysteries

Jack N Chill – Beating The Heat

New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Big (Baka)

West India Company – O Je Suis Seul (Bagwhan Boogie)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This is a rare case of a song.Im quite happy i discovered this almost by mistake and it has proven to be one of the best new things i have listened to lately.I rarely post new tracks here,mainly for two reasons for various reasons but this is an exception as i want to expose this beauty to the world.iI think it deserves some hype and i think it's gonna be a classic among some people that appreciate good music.It's gonna be online for only a little while because i believe it's a shame not buying this great piece of music when available.A perfect track for upcoming summer nights.

to the creator of the blog

This one is for you Chris!
You are an inspiration to me.
Always ahead.Keep on!

Aisha - The creator

Sunday, April 11, 2010

for the love of jah

For me Jah Wobble must be one of the most charismatic musicians to emerge from the post punk scene.A musician that blended so many different styles and never sound boring.I will post two tracks in a row by him just to show the diversity of his work.Last week my friend David from Non Collective posted The Kiss by Joolz,one of Wobble's early productions and a leftfield balearic gem.Joolz were mainly a post punk outfit fronted by the emblematic Joolz Denby.In the hands of Wobble they produced a handful of early singles that were oozing with that dubby sound that Wobble brought to perfection of his later productions.
The second track im going to post is from his album Rising Over Bedlam which is one of my favourite records ever.Erzulie featuring world music legend Natascha Atlas on vocals is a carnival of ethic sounds with flamenco guitars wailing horns and a one of the best basslines i have ever heard in a song.I could go on forever about Wobble's music achievements but that would be just boring so just enjoy these two tracks by one the most diverse figures in the music world.

Monday, April 5, 2010

you can dance..

Favorite song this weekend by Ottomix from Italy
0n Discomagic records 1984.

Ottorino Menardi - Sahara sand