Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

especially for you

Harvey explaining how he trashed the place at his Sydney gig while giving a lecture on digging,and ends up almost crying to a Jason Donovan and Kylie duet.The story with the mashed Bozak mixer is already legendary and is another reason to give Harvey the titel of the most colorful and strong persona on the music circuit.I mean the guy is almost cuckoo and captivates audiences and fans everywhere with every aspect of his behaviour and musical skills.Especially for you..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

rainy season

A lot of people complain that i make too many mixes and it's hard keeping up with them.Another complaint is that my mixes are too long.I think i will have to follow some advice regarding the first matter.As far as the second one is concerned i tried really hard making this as short as possible but i ended up with something more than an hour and a half.I think that when you use words to form a sentence if you omit some of the words the most probable scenario is that you are gonna be talking gibberish.Same here.I used all the songs i wanted to tell a little bittersweet story.About waking up in a freezing room with moisture forming little pools on the bathroom windows,your red eyes saying hi on the mirror,the lazy moves of your legs trying to fit in your pants,an intimate scent on your sheets,the taste of last night in your mouth,a missed call from mum,walking to New Cross station with your hands freezing in your pockets,lost in translation in high definition after a curry,a patch of broken tiles in my bathroom,falling,late night confessions from an old crash,the sound of rain,my empty fridge,nightbus rides to Streatham with ''I'',the Pale Fountains,antibiotics,New years day.This is rainy season.My new mix.Hope it goes straight to your heart.And i promise not to make a new one for the next few months.Cross my heart.