Sunday, November 30, 2008

flying on the wings of love

My best memory from yesterdays party was this song at the end of the night.One of my favourite songs about love courtesy of an ex Beatle and his lovely wife who is taking pictures somewhere in heaven now.One of those songs that can stick a smile to my face that doesnt't wear off easily.

Don't Get Too Tired For Love
Don't Let It End
Don't Say Goodnight To Love
It's A Feeling That May Never End

WINGS - Tonight tonight -special disco version

Friday, November 28, 2008

early morning psych pop

This track was discovered on an early morning visit to my friend Stavros' place.The minute i heard the song through the speakers i was instantly hooked.Ennio used to produce the most magical music for the worst things to be printed on celluloid.Move!

Ennio Morricone - Move

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the english connection

There is always something magic about my late afternoon train rides from London Victoria to Streatham Common station whenever i'm in London.This picture was taken during one of those afternoon rides while going back home.If you look closely you can see Mr James Blunt somewhere in the middle.Anyway today we got a special guest from Albion(hence the introduction) with an ace mix of old and new cosmic classics.Ollie from Acocks Kitten Cult made this wonderful mix which includes a great re edit of the classic Tom Moulton produced cheeser ''D-R-U-M -Lalabye.It's nice to see that there are many people out there who are doing a great job.Hopefully there are more than the obvious choices out there and god thank blogging for making this happen.We've been hosting many Dj sets from friends around the world and i can't be more happy about it so without futher ado this is my English friend's wonderful mix.

Acocks Kitten Cult Mix

1. Venus Gang & Plastic Bertrand - Love To Fly (Cloud)

2. DJ Harvey - Blue Love (Blackcock)

3. Touch Sensitive - Body Stop (Tinted)

4. Babytalk - Chance (Hercules & Love Affair Mix) (Stickydisc)

5. Logic System - Clash (EMI)

6. Bonar Bradberry - Beat The Bed (Beatdown Mix) (Red Music)

7. Peter Visti - Real Woman (Eskimo)

8. Sally Shapiro - Ill Be By Your Side (Tensnake Rmx)(Diskokaine)

9. Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again (Nicky Siano & Arthur Russell Mix)(Sire Records)

10. Neon - Skydiver (Fuschia International)

11. Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Mix)(Megafunk Records)

12. Lindbaek & Lindstrom - Alien In My Pocket (Modal Music)

13. D-R-U-M - Lalabye (Acocks Kitten Cult Re-Edit)(Kittylick)

14.Rubberroom - Take Me (Indus)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the time is now

So the time again is upon us.Once again we are taking our weird records to our local disco and we'll try to make you dance to them.The name of the place is Yoga Bala with restless Outro Team hosting our efforts in making you move to things you normally wouldn't.That is the point after all.So on the 29th of November wear your dancing shoes and head our way for a night of unclassic disco tunes.And if you see the post below you'll see that the word disco is spelled differently for us.Cu at the floor.

Monday, November 24, 2008

this is our disco

Sabbath live in Paris 1970.Music cant't get any better than this.NIB


One-off classic Argentina Forever by Pacific Blue released on Prelude in the U.S.
"Blue Vinyl Collectors Edition".
70's disco winner.

Pacific Blue - Argentina forever

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tele music

This is a very special post so keep your eyes and ears opened for what's coming.Straight fron the vaults of DJHistory this is a super promo taster of the new Le Disco compilation.After Baby's Band Leo Zero's stellar rework that's been heavily featured in our parties and mixes it's time for the second hit and this time it comes courtesy of Faze Action.This is an exclusive treat from DJHistory who made a terrific compilation that's gonna rock the DJ world.For those who are not aware of what's the Le Disco project is all about its' a compilation of remixes on some of the finest tunes from the cult status French Disco library label Tele Music.Names like the Idjut Boys,Faze Action,Leo Zero,Ray MAng and many more put their skills down on some epic obscure disco cuts.Here at plaidmusic we offered some original Tele Music gems on our previous posts.I storngly recommendBelow there is a really informative piece on the story legendary Telemusic label courtesy of DJHistory.For further info and to place your orders for Le Disco visit the link below that gets you straight ot the DJHistory online shop.Last but not least after that comes the promo Mp3 of the Faze action take on TeleMusic's Disco Free.I don't think that someone could ask for more in one day!

Tele Music-Disco Free-Faze Action Edit

Tele-Vision-An article on Tele Music

Having given us le discothËque (both the word and the idea), the French were no slouches when it came to arming the disco explosion. And the musicians who powered French disco were a surprisingly tight-knit bunch – essentially the house band of Roger Tokarz’ library label Tele Music.

France fed records to the disco explosion right from the start. In 1973 a French production ‘Soul Makossa’ by Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango became the first dance song to break into the national US charts purely through club play. But the foundations of French disco lie with the group Kongas, whose ‘Anikana-O’ launched the careers of three of the country’s disco giants. A tribal drum workout somewhere between Blood, Sweat & Tears and Barrabas, ‘Anikana-O’ was written, produced and performed by Alec R. Costandinos, Don Ray (Raymond Donnez) and Jean-Marc Cerrone.

Costandinos was an Egyptian musician and arranger who’d cut his teeth in Greece writing with Vangelis and Demis Roussos. His Crystal Grass project was an important disco catalyst, with ‘Crystal World’ becoming a New York classic. Don Ray was Kongas’ keyboardist and arranger, and he lent the same skills to many of Cerrone and Costandinos’s projects, including Crystal Grass. His ‘Garden of Love’ album, produced by Cerrone at Trident in London, gave us the disco hit ‘Got to Have Loving’ and the Loft classic ‘Standing In The Rain’, and he went on to arrange Santa Esmerelda and RevelaÁion. Kongas’ third alumnus, Cerrone, was a drummer, vocalist and producer, who in 1976 stunned discos across the world with his 17-minute epic ‘Love in C Minor’.

Adding to the disco fray were some notable Frenchies who made their hits on American soil. FranÁois Kevorkian arrived in New York in 1975 as a jazz drummer intent on playing with Miles Davis. By 1978 he was A&Ring for Prelude and cooking up a series of hit-making remixes starting with Musique's In The bush'. And French-Moroccan Henri Belolo, who, together with songwriter Jacques Morali, created costume-party divas The Ritchie Family and under-the-gaydar pop sensations The Village People. Belolo paid trbute to the land that gave him his greatest hits with Patrick Juvet’s ‘I Love America’.

The latters' releases aside, most French-made disco used the same small pool of gifted musicians. Guitarist Slim Pezin played on several of Manu Dibango’s early ’70s albums and went on to be a fixture of both Don Ray’s and Costandinos’s line-ups. Drummer Pierre Alain-Dahan and keyboard player Marc Chantereau were equally prolific. Sauveur Mallia played bass on most of Cerrone’s studio sessions and live performances, frequently joined by Pezin on guitar and Georges Rodi on synthesiser.

Working together on innumerable records since the late ’60s, this tight-knit team became the essence of French disco. Some of their finest work together was for the Tele Music library label, where they were essentially the house band, laying down a long series of concept albums designed for use as backing tracks in film, TV and radio. On albums like Arpadys, Spatial & Co, the Disco & Co series and many more, they cooked up scorching rococo disco capable of enflaming dancefloors the world over.

Most famously, the Tele Music players were the chart-topping, multi-million-selling Voyage, with the trio of Chantereau, Dahan and Pezin joined by Sauveur Mallia, and lead singer Sylvia Mason, who was recruited from London where the album was recorded. Phenomenal production and immaculate orchestration made them perfect for the increasingly glamour-obsessed disco scene.

But more exciting to collectors are the long-running series of library LPs they worked on. 1977’s Arpadys has become Tele Music’s most sought after release, thanks to oft-bootlegged tracks ‘Monkey Star’, ‘Stone Roller’ and ‘Funky Bass’. Arpadys put Sauveur Mallia in the driving seat musically, alongside Chantereau, Dahan and Pezin, with keyboards from Georges Rodi and Jean-Pierre Sabar. A follow-up, the Spatial & Co series remained library-only LPs, though the tracks did serious business on TV thrillers and space programmes.

Then in 1979 the same group of musicians, with the exception of Mallia, laid down another three albums of storming disco, the Disco & Co LPs, again much sought-after by collectors. Amazingly these were dashed off in between sessions for the second Voyage album, to satisfy the still-growing demand for library disco.

The musicians loved their library work. “Although it didn’t use to pay that well, it was a great playground for experimenting,” says Pezin, “Playing things which we wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere.” Tele Music supremo Roger Tokarz gave them almost complete freedom. “He just use to give us a little theme and then we could jam freely for hours on end.”

Ironically, working with real bands was often more of a chore, as Sauveur Mallia recalls. “We were considered to be the best session musicians around and when we recorded backing tracks for successful pop acts we could have played the things they wanted with our arms tied behind our back. That’s why recording library music or disco was instantly like a breath of fresh air to us and we were finally able to express ourselves.”

Tele Music founder Roger Tokarz was the guiding force behind the sessions. “Disco was very important at pushing things forward musically,” he argues, “because all of a sudden the musicians, composers and arrangers had a much more important position. They no longer relied on the vocalists; it was all in the arrangements and the progression of the music itself.”

Tokarz admits that his disco recordings are the most enduring. “Today most of our records have a very short lifespan. The ones from our back catalogue which are still very popular are the ones which have that typical ’70s sound.” We tend to agree.
Alexis LeTan, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton

© 2008

You can read a greatly extended version of this article as the sleevenotes to Le Disco: Tele Music Remixed.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

would you go back to him?

Probably one of the best movies ever and this scene in particular could be the reason alone for that.A red vespa circling around a dim lighted empty loft with the piano playing in the back.Gene Hackman is once again the perfect anti hero.A sensitive loner who can't deal with the way of the world.A devoted catholic who plays the saxophone while listening to Dizzy.Anyway nuff said.One of the masterpieces of the 70's that i put together in the same self with the French Connection.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

city lights

After a week fighting with Trojan horses and finally ending up with a PC without drivers im back again from the dead with restored powers.In a time when everyone is going disco i think i should go rock.So today's post is a proper rocker for people who liked Mountain Of One edit of ''Bastard''.You wouldn't expect a quality tune from a guy like David Essex but believe me this tune is real killer.Try it out at your local disco and watch those heads turning.

David Essex - Ciry lights

Friday, November 14, 2008

dark desire

it's difficult to discuss Noir Désir without first noting that lead singer Bertrand Cantat was jailed for manslaughter in 2003 after assaulting his actress girlfriend Marie Trintignant in a hotel room in Vilnius, Lithuania. He was sentenced to eight years, to be served in France.

Prior to this terrible incident, Noir Désir were the clear leaders of the French rock pack, enjoying mainstream success with 2001 release Des Visages Des Figures. Formed in Bordeaux in 1985, Cantat (singer), Serge Teyssot-Gay (guitar), Denis Barthe (drums) and Frédéric Vidalenc (bass, replaced by Jean-Paul Roy in 1996) developed a whirling, visceral and darkly violent take on punk, occasionally reminiscent of The Clash. Driven on by Cantat's impassioned delivery and starkly elegant songwriting (in both French and English), Noir Désir developed a reputation as a formidable live act, as evidenced on 1994 live album Dies Irae.

Excellent re-edit of Noir Désir - Le Vent Nous Portera
from Rubber Room also known as DISCO DEVIL .

Mindless Boogie - dark desire (Rubber Room rerub)

la toubana

He came to protect you.
He's growing every day.
He's made out of mud and letters.
He uses scissors to edit obscure tracks.
No one, except his master, could destroy him...
The time has come for the world to experience the power of the Golem.
Producer - Alexis Le-Tan* check this guy.

Les edits du golem - la toubana

a flash

track of the week

Peter Visti- A Flash

Thursday, November 13, 2008

life with you...........................................................................

If you check Discogs for this track you'll see that only 32 members
have this on vinyl.
And only 157 members want this so far............
I'm still searching for this one....
Expansives are Rago* , Farina*from Italy.
love the lyrics and the bassline rules...

Expansives - life with you ..........

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Barış Manço (also spelt Baris Mancho in some European album releases)
(January 2, 1943 - February 1, 1999) was a Turkish rock singer, composer,
television producer and celebrity. He composed about 200 songs,
some of which were translated into a variety of languages including
English, Japanese, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Persian and Arabic.
He remains one of the most popular public figures of Turkey.

On February 1, 1999, Barış Manço died of a sudden heart attack
before the release of his just finished last work Mançoloji ) (1999),
a double album containing the new recordings of his hit songs along
with an unfinished instrumental song "40. Yıl"
"The 40th Anniversary"), celebrating his 40th year in music.
His sudden death caused an almost unanimous shock in Turkey
with millions of people mourning and tens of thousands
of people attending his funeral.

I remember the first i heard about Baris Manco when my mate Manolis
gave me a 7''inch of Baris called "lambaya pof de" with Kourtalan express.
Many years later BARIS K from Istanbul introduce me 2 the next song
called "alla beni" that comes with a wonderful edit by Johnny Rock.
you should check those 2 dj from TURKEY weird stuff





Germans do it better

Czukay studied under Karlheinz Stockhausen from 1963-1966
and co-founded the influential rock group Can in 1968.
Czukay played bass guitar and performed most
of the recording and engineering for the group.
Czukay recorded some important early ambient albums,
and is influential for his utilization of radio sounds and sampling.
This track is an edit from Czukay from Can's "Can & out of reach"

Can - Aspectacle (edit)

Italians do it better

Welcome italo-disco freaks Ajello on board for a special project:
Ajello underground hit “I wanna be italian too” gets remixed by
Maximilian Skiba.

AJELLO - I wanna be Italian too (Maximilian Skiba mix)

rare band

I'll keep the vibe close to Chris wonderful Euromix.
Rare band are from Italy back in 1986.
Arranged and produced by Marius Paciulli , Raff Todesco
This is the instrumental version of the song

Rare Band - why why ?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

euro disco mix

This is my new mix that explores European territory and is aptly titled Euro Disco.

Euro Disco Mix

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The good thing about having a blog is interacting with other people(when you are lucky enough though..).Peter Pleasure cruise is the name of a blog from Cleveland Ohio and to put it in simple words we are kind of friends.Peter recently gave us a mix of his to post on our blog.So this is Peter's Halloween mix for your spooky party moves.Have a look at Peter's blog if you have the time.It's rather interesting

peter pleasure cruise

Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) Tangerine Dream
The Crash Theme Bot
Bella Lugosi's Dead Bauhaus
The Low Murderer Is Out At Night Low Motion Disco
Magic and Ecstasy Ennio Morricone
Halloween Siouxsie & The Banshees
On The Floor - Joakim edit Tony Cook
Everyday is Halloween Dsico Song For Marie and Elise
- Aeroplane Remix Lullabies In The Dark