Thursday, April 30, 2009

ooohhhm !!

Founded by Frank Van Bogaert back in 1980,
1000 Ohm was one of the most succesful Belgian
80’s New Wave bands. Key members where Johan Van Herck
..boards, Koen Van Assche on drums and E Vermeulen on Bass.
Their best known track and still a New Wave Ever Green
up to this day is the 1981 track A.G.N.E.S. Although the band
had more successes like the 1985 charting hit “The Claim”
it’s A.G.N.E.S. the band is mostly being remembered for.
In 1987 Frank decided to pull the plug to concentrate on
what was to become a very succesful career as producer
sound engineer, later followed by a succesful career in the
Electronic music scene. He is now even being considered
as one of the main players in the traditional electronic
and ambient music scene.

1000 OHM - Love in motion (instrumental)

The rose of Tokyo

There was only one 12'' from City-O.
Released on Discomagic Records the largest
italo disco / house / dance record label in Italy at the time
and was run by Severo Lombardoni.
It spawned a large number of sub-labels during the early 80's
to the early 90's and it set the standards for an entire genre of music.
Sun-La-Shan's "Rose From Tokyo" from 1983
is an entirely different song.

City-O - The rose of Tokyo


There was a band called Stratosferic.
somewhere in the galaxy.

Stratosferic Band - The First Galaxy

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

crimea x

It's always nice promoting new stuff for friends on our blog and this new project is no exception to the rule.Keeping the Italian vibe alive we are hosting the new balearic oriented project of Luca who is widely known as his amazing productions under the Ajello and Supersonic Lovers aliases.This time with the Crimea X project he is slowing down the pace creating some spacey balearic house gems like October that sound really promising.You can listen more stuff from Crimea x on their Myspace page.Here is a great a great mix Luca contributed to our blog.And if that is not enough,as a last bonus you get two edits from Crimea X so you can keep smiling.

01.Tangerine Dream - Kiew Mission 
02.Vangelis - Let It Happen 
03.David Thomas & The Pedestrians - Crickets In The Flats (Wrong Speed) 
04.Magical Ring - Black Safari 
05.Moon Birds - Supernova 
06.Riuichi Sakamoto - Garden Of Poppies 
07.Crimea X - 10 P.M. (Original) 
08.Talking Heads - Seen And Not Seen 
09.Tom Ware - Chinatown 
10.Clara Mondshine - O Queen Of Saba (Crimea X Re-Edit) 
11.The Clash - The Cool Out 
12.Chris & Cosey - Driving Blind (Crimea X Re-Edit) 
13.Loose Joints - Pop Your Funk 
14.Peter Green - Slaybo Day 

primitive sensation

If you ask me to give you just just one reason that makes Italo disco records sound far more interesting to my ears than it's American counterparts i guess i have to answer that it's weirdness.Sometimes some trivial elements like a heavy Italian accent or lyrics that make no sense at all could give a record that special twist that it need to become special.With Italo's motoric rhythms owing much more to Europe's electronic music tradition and pop new wave acts than to the funky instrumentation of U.S recordings, it comes as no surprise that their sound could sometimes almost be described as ''gothic''.A small number of Italian recordings bared much more resemblance to acts like Nitzer Ebb or D.A.F. and their heavy industrial sound than to any record that could be labeled as disco.The real gems of the genre are the ones that utilized it's diversity to their own effect.''It's The Monkey'' by Strada is one of those records that reaches this rare momentum of weirdness.Personally i think this is one of the real masterpieces of mid 80's Italian electronic music that sounds like it has been produced under the consumption of a great deal of lysergic acid.The lyrics are completely surreal and the screamings towards the end of this song make this record crazy enough to lose your sleep over it.Coming from Strada's self titled one and only LP this is a tune that easily competes for the spot of one of the best ever Italo records.

Strada - It's the monkey


Fantastic synthesizers from Tony Carrasco (Klein & M.B.O)

A.IM. - Thailand seeds vox

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

telepathic communication with angels

Deeply unfashionable
Deeply groovy.
Acid to the max.

Ghibli - looking for you (Italo edit)

Monday, April 27, 2009

After-hours vintage italo-disco.

Steve doesn't drive - woman car

not from italy

While most of the records that comprised what is widely known as Italo disco were of Italian origin,a lot of records from other european countries or even Canada contributed to the genre.At some point Italo really ended up meaning every disco record that didn't come from the States.France was no exception to the rule so David Keaton's Space Patrol is a fine example of a record that sounds like Italo but definitely is not.Released on Vogue records this is quite a rare one so watch out for it.

David Keaton - space patrol

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me

Animotion was a 1980s synthpop band best known for their song ''Obsession"
(originally written by Michael D. Barres and H. Knight),
Formed in 1983 from the remnants of a retro science-fiction band
called Red Zone."Obsession" is a mainstay on '80s compilations and
is featured in the 2002 video game Grand Theft Auto:Vice City.

Animotion - Obsession (special dub mix)

Friday, April 24, 2009

flash in the night mix

Looking back over the blog i discovered that i haven't posted a mix in ages,so last night i decided to throw down some tunes and put them together.The truth is that after that long time of mixing dryness i got a bit carried away and forgot about time.The result was that i ended up with a 2 hour mix of sheer fun.Nor sophisticated nor complicated this is a mix that tries to capture the the fun of playing live for a crowd.Hope you like it.

1.Raydio-More Than One Way To Love A Woman
2.La Flavour-When The Whistle Blows
3.Loud E-Oceans Of Loud
4.Pink Project-Disco Project
5.Macho Wizard
6.Serge Gainsbourg-Love On The Beat
7.Sarah Dash- Low Down Dirty Rhythm-Kinky Afro Edit
8.Lindstrom feat. Solale-Let's Practice
9.Alan Vs Gary-Hedford Vachal
10.Trilogy-Not Love(instrumental)
11.Lovelock-Maybe Tonight
12.Capracapra-King Of The Witches-Rub And Tug Mix
13.Secret Service-A Flash In The Night-Peter Visti Edit
14.Rhetta Hughes-Angel Man-Beat Broker Edit
15.Bottin-No Static
16.M.A.W. Electronic-Body
17.RIS-Love n Music
18.Egotrya-Volcano-The Revolving Eyes Mix
19.Lindstrom feat. Solale-Baby I Can't Stop-Aeroplane Dub Mix
20.Blackbelt Andersen-Kuk Av Stal
21.Jacksons-Living Together-Ron Hardy Tribute Edit

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Tomorrow i will be playing some records,doing the warm up for the first of the Scoom party series.Hope to see you there

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Italo disease

There is not much information to find about Vivien Vee.
The Story was that she was from the USA,
but living in Italy as a daughter of a diplomat.

"Give Me A Break" (Banana Records) was
a smash discoteque hit in the States and Europe.
Persons involved on this product were
Claudio Simonetti and Giancarlo Meo.

In early 70's Simonetti used to go to one of the famous
discotheques called 'EASY GOING' in Rome.
There he met the resident Dj Paul Micioni,and together
with Giancarlo Meo ,they made productions
like the EASY GOING albums.In the same club Claudio

hardcore Italo Disco.

Vivien Vee - Blue disease

kick ass

This is a real bomb..A gem lost somewhere between earth and space.The riff is sooooo good,then the vocals kick in and you think what the heck ,then the moog starts wailing and makes things more interesting and then the drum solo leaves nothing standing on it's way.The leather vest the bass player is wearing is gonna be a hit this summer..Or maybe not..

all things italian

I can vaguely recollect me stupidly promising that i would not post anymore Italian tracks on this blog.Well that was some days ago and since then many things have changed.Me and Vags decided we should host a little italo disco fiesta on the blog since we never got to post our favourite italo tracks here.Sparsely we have posted a track or two but we thought we should make this the proper way.Serge Santiago had a nice Italo All Time Top Ten on Fact magazine some time ago so that was kind of an inspiration for us to fool around with tracks we like.The selections are not intended to represent a top ten list but some random selections that come in mind.Kicking off this italian fiesta is Bob Stalton with his classic Starknight.This is one of those records that can show you simply but effectively what Italo is all about.Quite in the same way the GTO pictured above does.Simply but effectively..

Bob Stalton - starknight

Thursday, April 16, 2009

play the guitar

Although this track is quite an old discovery now and shouldn't be a stranger to many of you,as it has been bootlegged on a Automan release some years ago and quite recently edited by the flying disco dutchman Loud E,i thought it never got the attention it needed.Pinch Roller is a piece of rock influenced epic disco with heavy guitars that sound a bit like the greek instrument bouzouki at some parts adding some exotic feel to the whole track.The 12 inch released on the Italian label Vedette in 1978 is out of reach and the LP goes for quite some money on the web.I should make some kind of promise that i wont post an Italian record again within the next few days but that could make me go out as a big liar and i certainly don't want that.Enough said,here is the track with some editing from self as i thought some parts were too cheesy for my diet.

Slang - pinch roller -edit

There's a Planet Here

Ozric Tentacles (commonly known as the Ozrics)
is an instrumental band from England.
whose music can loosely be described as psychedelic or space rock.
Formed in 1984, the band has released 29 albums as of 2007,
and become a cottage industry selling around a million albums
worldwide despite never having major label backing.

From 1994 Arborescence L.P

Ozric Tentacles - Dance of the Loomi


Putsch '79 is Sami Liuski and Pauli JylhÀnkangas.
They were born in eastern Finland at a town
called Sotkamo in year... Yeah you guessed it, 1979.
Nowadays Sami lives down at Helsinki and Pauli lives up in Sotkamo.
Sami and Pauli have known each other since high school where
they both got interested in electronic music.
They started their musical careers by playing guitar and toying around
with computer music software.
Their new 12'' is out from 20 March . limited promotional run

Putsch '79 - Gibson (instrumental) Clone, White 3

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I guess that eventually i'll have to stop posting italian tracks on this blog but i just can't help it.I always seem to bump on some buried treasure that lies around in my files waiting to be unearthed.This time i'm focusing on the funkier side of Italo with this great instrumental version of this 1984 classic.A one off release on Pineapple records by this little gem is just perfect to set the mood for the warmer days to come ahead of us.

Pats and Pats - tobago (instr/tal)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

slow motion night

It's been ages since i last posted on this blog.Well the reason is i upgraded to a mac platform recently and i'm still in the process of transfering my files from my old PC.It ain't easy moving from the stone age to the the space age you know!Today i started listening to some music on my new Mac and this was one of the first tracks to pop up on my player.So i decided it would be good luck to start posting again with this one.It's a Cerrone production that oozes with that sensual slow motion disco feeling that makes it a perfect for a late night drive in an open car drive by the sea.

Cristal - la nuit pour nous

Monday, April 13, 2009

me.myself and I mix

1.Payolas - Eyes of a stranger 45
2.Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Cisco
3.Nacho Patrol - Futuristic abbeba
4.Bebu Silvetti - I'm your boogie man
5.Rollerboys - Iron man
6.Kim Wilde - Hey Mr heartache
7.Phreek Plus One - Astro boogie cosmic
8.Laid ft Yoda - Me (Silver city mix)
9.Peter Herbert - synth Italo + sueno latino acappella
10.The Sunburst Band - Until the end of time
11.Saint Etienne - Sylvie (Saturday night boiler mix)
12.Wuf Ticket - The key
13.Bobby O - How to pick up girls
14.Weekender - Lost in the loft
15.Ultramarine - Hooter craig mix
16.Baricentro - tittle tattle
17.Richard Melville Hall - I like to move in here

Me, myself and I MIX

Sunday, April 12, 2009

east easy rider side of view

Buried indie treasure

Julian Cope - easty risin' (Hugo Nicolson remix)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

all that i have

Findlay Brown - All that i have (Lord Skywave mix)

It takes a songwriter of considerable skill to make a world
so gloomy seem so sweet.
Findlay Brown is really a renegade and a folk hero.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

future world orchestra

Dutch synthesizer duo after recording a cover version of
the 'Theme from E.T.' (Spielberg movie),
they released 'Roulette', an instrumental track
reminiscent of the work by contemporaries NOVA.
Their debut single, 'Desire',
reached number 20 in the Dutch Top 40.

Future World Orchestra - Roulette

Future World Orchestra - Desire

Saturday, April 4, 2009

ikea love

I can't get enough of this song.It gives me shivers listening to the chorus climax.I first came across this song on a mix by Prins Thomas and i can't seem to get it out of my head since.Abba's Agnetha Faltskog is giving a heartbreaking performance that defines the very essence of the perfect pop love song.If you are looking for a song to end your parties in style,well this is the one.

Friday, April 3, 2009

encore ii

If there is a a place you should be tonight well this is it.Great club,great music,great,great,great.Cu on the floor.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

crowd control mix

brand new mix..for me- to you.
I hope you'll enjoy it

1.Atmosfear - Too spaced out (Francois K. Ambient Mix)
2.Stranger - Over and under
3.Triangle Orchestra - At 137 (with dub effect)
4.Chichen Lips - He not it
5.Extended Family - Ulysses - Crowd control mix
6.2020 Soundsystem - The Chase
7.Daniel Wang - To hold you again
8.Meco - Moondancer
9.Ray Martinez -Lady of the night
10.Kelley Polar - The rooms in my house have many parties
11.Amplified Orchestra - Lets have a ball
12.Peter Brown (love is just)The game (Jellybean mix)