Thursday, May 28, 2009

Juan Maclean rave shoe

That's my latest mix.
Uptown house plus downtown disco tracks.

1.The Juan McLean - Tonight
2.Heim - Clubscene Popscene
3.Ajello - Moody Bang (Tensnake mix)
4.Roy Davies Jr - I have a vision (Juan mix)
5.Chaz Jankel - Without you (Yam Who mix)
6.Black science Orchestra - Save US (A.Beedle thrown down disco mix)
7.Primal Scream - Uptown - (A.Weatherall mix)
8.First Choice - Let no man put asunder (Ron Hardy mix)
9.The Juan McLean - Happy House (Prince Language dub)
10.The Juan McLean - Simple life
11.Michael Jackson - Blood on my hands (Quentin Harris mix)
12.E S G - Party music
13.Andrea True Connection - What's your number (Devil's edit)

Uptown downtown mix

texican disco

buried disco treasure

Texico - I wanna be with you

The Peruvian beatless

The Peruvian band We All Together, though unknown
beyond a core cluster of cultists, was among the prime exponents
of Beatlesque pop/rock in the early ’70s.

We All Together - It's a sin to go away

Big apple

Far better track than "Too Shy"
I think..

Kajagoogoo - Big Apple (extended version)

And You Thought You Were Normal

Imagine a blend of Gary Numan , early Pink Floyd,
Jean -Michel Jarre and The Stranglers and you have
a sense of the music.
Add the mystery of a zealously guarded identity
and someone who appears onstage with his face swathed
completely in surgical bandages,
and you have a clearer picture of one of music's true eccentrics.
Who else released an instrumental LP that bills
itself as playable at any speed?

Nash The Slash - Dance after curfew

Monday, May 25, 2009

hot thing

barely 21
looking 4 big fun
Hot thing, what's your fantasy?
Do U wanna play with me?
maybe U should give your folks a call
tell them you're going 2 the Crystal Ball
tell them you're coming home late,
if you're coming home at all.

Prince + Shep Pettibone + Junior Vasquez =very hot thing
so hot it hurts

Prince - Hot thing (extended mix)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

deeper and deeper

Since is started off the days with a disco tune i thought it would be cool to post another disco gem.After all i think the genre is one of the most neglected here at our blog lately.This tune has been messing with my head for quire sometime now after hearing an edit of it under the name Deeper Beeper at the Rub and Tug show for Beats In Space.My guess is it could easily compete for the number in the C.O.M.B.I. re edit series.The original is quite a bomb it's self so it can keep you warm until that edit sees the light of day,if it does eventually.James Bradley's I'm IN Too Deep released on T.K Disco is one of those tracks that can blow the roof.It's a melodramatic disco stomper with a massive erotic crescendo that blows off of towards the end.I just can't wait to spin this record to a crowd!



I know this track has been blogged ages ago and has been hyped pretty much in the past by many others before me but after al this blog is not about getting there first.It's mostly a place we share our feelings after hearing a song.Well this one is so good that couldn't go without a post by any means.Last night Daniel Wang was playing in my ''town'' and the probably the finest moment of the night for me was this song.I was instantly hooked and only figured out it was a Japanese disco cut.Luckilly Daniel is a top dude that likes to share his knowledge with common
people like myself and gave me some info on this beauty.If the term japanese disco isn't enough to turn you on well the only thing left to do is download and immerse in this amazing track.Big sound,big production,amazing vocals,wailing guitars,saxophones screaming and possibly whatever you want in a disco track is here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

summer ''house'' mix playlist

You must know by now that after a while i post the playlists to my mixes so here we go with this one.

1.Mr Master-A Dog In The Night-Instrumental
2.Noa Noa-Harry O
3.Plaza-Dance Baby Dance
4.Paradise Frame-Paradise Theme
5.A Guy Called Gerald-Emotion Electric
6.Master C&J-Face It
7.Maserati-Inventions-Love Your Prog Mix
8.Doves-Kingdom Of Rust-Stil Going Mix
9.Lindstrom-Another Station-Todd Terje Mix
10.Lindstrom&Prins Thomas-Tirsdagsjam
11.SMD-Synthesise-No Voodoo Version
12.Divine-Native Love
14.Dandolo-Dragon-Shit Robot Mix
15.Gisele Jackson-Love Commandments-Joey Negro Edit
16.Leee John-Mighty Power Of Love-Mood II Swing Vocal Mix
17.Led Zeppelin Leaving in A Big Hurry
18.Chains-Nitedog Non Stop Edit

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

purple brain

It's one of those great days were we get to do the promo work for one of our favourite labels.IGETRVNG is one of those labels that redefine the word eclectic.With people like Todd Terje,Lovefingers,JD Twitch,In Flagranti,Tim Sweeny,Jacques Renault,Greg Wilson and many others contributing their skills on it's releases and artwork that justifies the word art in any way,makes every release of the label a must for every discerning turntable.Next week IGETRVNG are launcing the 7th installment in their series of mixes.The new mix comes courtesy of two of your favourite Aussie dance weirdos aka Andre Bumrocks and Jason Evans from Hey Convict.The new mix is accompanied by a ultra limited pressing 7 inch that comes in purple vinyl.The release goes on official pre order in just one week from now on the 26th of May.Be sure to grab a copy as every release on IGETRVNG is always top self material and needless to say that it's highly collectable.Celebrating the pre release of RVNGMX7 you the people at IGETRVNG send us a stream of the mix to share it with you.Moreover we are offering you one of the tracks from the 7 inch that accompanies the official release.You can visit IGETRVNG on their page for any other info and keep in mind the date of the pre order which is on the 26th of May which means next Wednesday.

RVNGMX7:PURPLE BRAIN (link removed)

Monday, May 18, 2009

many happy returns

So it has been exactly one year since our first post.I thought i would be cool to make a post about he very first post on this blog.It comes as no surprise that it was on a sunday afternoon
 that i first thought about launching this page.Sunday blues is always a nice reason to be creative.At that moment i didn't think that this would become a thing that would go to far.It was more of a way to get across to someone out there while feeling lonely in front of my pc screen.In the time between now and then we made a lot of friends,some enemies, hosted some parties,made some edits and quite a lot of mixes.We always tried to keep it simple and make the best out of it.I think that some of you got the message and i'm quite happy that you sent some love back our way.A big thanks to everyone who has contributed to this blog in any way.We really appreciate all the mixes and edits you send our way.I hope that in the future we will have the chance to get to know more of you and share our music discoveries with even more people.Below you can find the first post of this blog just to see where we started from.Since we started out with a house tune i'm ending this post with another classic we love that is appropriate for the day.

Cassio Ware-Happy Birthday Baby

SUNDAY, MAY 18, 2008

the future

classic track from mr konders

massive sounds-the future
the sky somewhere around leeds

this is plaid

First time around.And here is what i ve been listening to on a sunday evening

And here is a movie to watch on sunday night:

its walter's hills classic cult masterpiece ''Warriors''

Are you turning faggot??

Sunday, May 17, 2009

summer house mix

Tomorrow Plaidmusic is celebrating it's first birthday.It's hard to believe it's been a year since we started this blog and to be honest i never expected it to get this far.I think that it's a reason enough to celebrate so starting off with this mix we are setting off the festivities.There is going to be more stuff posted tomorrow so for the time being enjoy this new mix i made.Summer is in the way and i tried to make a mix that sets along with the mood.The photo is from a friend's summer cabin which could be the best place to start off this summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

casino play boy

Next level sounds.
A beauty from last year by Toby Tobias
as Casinoboy on Redux records.
Brilliantly twisted nu disco record.
Headphones here..

Casinoboy - Turndisout

italian muscle

In the extreme and unlikely event of where all Italo records should be recycled for unknown reasons and i had to choose one to be saved from the genocide then it would be this one.''Probably the most effective Italo tune ever,this baby can set fire on any dancefloor in no time.Produced by probably my favourite producers of the Italo era,responsible also for the tracks that consist the dream team of Italo music which are of course BWH-Stop and Blackway's New Life.If Italo Disco was an Olympic Game then these three tracks would definitely be the three ones to get the all the medals.It simply doesn't get any better than this!

Mr Master - dog in the night

huntleys and palmers

So it's that time of the season again to bring you another joint effort from us and some of our friends out there.This time we are teaming up with long time faves Fantastikoi Hxoi and Andrew Thomson from one of Glasgow's finest and most promising club nights ,Huntleys And Palmers.There will be the usual weird dance music with a hint of stilton cheese in there plus psychedelic bunnies fighting with Italian stallions.We hope to see you there to dance the night away with us.

Huntleys And Palmers Top 10:

1. Animal Collective - Taste 

2. Ghost Note - Holy Jungle (Mark E's Pressure Dub)

3. Petar Dundov - Oasis (Gavin Russom Remix) 

4. Findlay Brown -Teardrops In The Rain (LoveLee Remix)

5. Luca Baldini - Hooked (It's A Fine Line Remix)

6. Hardway Bros - A Diabolical Liberty

7. Poni Hoax – Images Of Sigrid (Chloe Remix) 

8. Moon Unit - Connections (Ewan Pearson's Slo NRG Remix)

9. DJ Hell - The Angst

10. Zomby - Rumours & Revelations

Monday, May 11, 2009

unfinished business

After a rainy soaked ten day trip to the UK i'm back again to start again from where i left over.With quite a feeling of disappointment i came back to see that the comments on this blog are beginning to be a as rare as eskimos in the desert.I think that the most basic function of this blog which was from the beginning to interact with some of you out there and talk about the music we love,is not fulfilling it's purpose.Sometimes i feel that i could just give away my soulseek nickname and let you browse through my files with not all the talking and arty pics i usually post.People like me who run blogs put quite a lot of effort in them and just expect someone just saying hi.Blogging is a great hobby for me that keeps me going after a tiring day.Sometimes if I'm lucky enough it can get me some friends or book me a few gigs.I've been over that ''weeping heart breaking story'' one more time in the past so i'll just continue with today's track and leave the nagging for another time.Last time i was here i was dealing with some of my favourite obscure italo cuts so i thought that i could end this small special with two or more tracks i feel that shouldn't be left out.Nevia Preex's "Fly Robin Fly'' is one of those instant classics that stay on your mind forever.

Nevia Preex - fly Robin fly

Saturday, May 9, 2009

i got the hots 4 u

At the forefront of the No Rave death cult,
The Niallist is God's answer to the idea that
the world is beautiful because of music.
Only, he also makes beautiful music.
Slow and dirty morning music that sounds equally
at home on the modern cosmic dancefloor.

The Niallist - The hots


Deutsch Amerikansiche Freundschaft ("German American Friendship";
most commonly abbreviated to D.A.F.) was founded as a 5-piece
industrial noise outfit in Düsseldorf in 1978, but ultimately
winnowed down to a 2-man group consisting of vocalist/lyricist
Gabi Delgado and drummer/electronic musician Robert Görl.
In 1985, they temporarily re-formed to record another album
of house music, this time in English, 1st Step to Heaven,
which disappeared without much fanfare.

D.A.F - 1st step to heaven

the Great Kosmische Musik

Harmonia was formed by the addition of Neu! guitarist Michael Rother to Cluster, the duo of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius.A touch more immediate and song-oriented than its predecessor,
but no less enchanting and lovely to hear, De Luxe again features
the trio experimenting with a variety of approaches,
most particularly including vocals here and there for the first time.

Harmonia - Walky Talky

Thursday, May 7, 2009

doves... still going

Sonically adventurous...
Track of the week.

Doves - Kingdom of rust (Still Going mix)

Once Upon A Time..........

Building on the success of "I Feel Love" from earlier the same year,
one side of this double album was devoted to pure electronica.
Many fans of Summer's uber-producer, Giorgio Moroder,
cite two of these tracks in particular - "Now I Need You and
"Working The Midnight Shift" - as amongst his (and Summer's)
greatest work.

Donna Summer - Working the midnight shift

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Honey Smugglers emerged on the London scene in late 1988.
Their pop sensibilities won them many admirers on the London gig scene,
and they were courted by most of the major labels. In reality, however,
they were perhaps too eccentric for mainstream consumption.

Eventually signed by Fiction in the summer of 1990 and immediately recorded
the classic `Listen’ E.P. The title track was totally in sync with the `baggy’ times
(although more by accident than design, the track had been written nearly two years before).

The Honey Smugglers - Listen

eclectic orange

Electric Orange begun as the personal vehicle
of multi-instrumentalist Dirk Jan Müller in July 1992.
On their early stage Electric Orange created music for
aural adventurers, heavy krautrock influenced,
bearing distinct semblance to early Ash Ra Tempel.
Their official releases on Delerium Records had a more
modern feel due to the contemporary dance electronic
beats and some strong bass grooves
(maybe an influence of the label aiming at the rave market).
However, their privately released CDRs had a rather
improvised feel to their out-there spacey excursions.

Electric Orange - Back in strange world (forbidden mix)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Town out of order

Limited to 500 hand numbered copies.
Town Out Of Order is a re-edit of the
English version of Pugh Rogefeldt - "Stockholm"
by Västkustska Ryggdunkarsällskapet also known
as Göran Dahlström.or Sankt Göran.

Vastkustska Ryggdunkarsallskapet- Town out of order

Saturday, May 2, 2009


First step : go to DISCOGS searching machine
Second step : write PROG DISCO
The first result will be Streetmark - Lovers
Then browse the rest of Streetmark LPs and
focus on Eileen album.
Then download those 2 tracks here
It's easy..too share..good music.

Streetmark - dreams

Streetmark - passage

Friday, May 1, 2009

new life

Probably this must be the most psyched out record ever to be produced in the Italo disco era.Futuristic ,weird,dark or whatever you want to call it this piece of music is overflowing with a feeling like it has been produced out of this world.Vocoder vocals,crazy effects in the background like water running in a glass,glass shattering,a woman screaming,bells chiming..It doesn't get any better than this.If you are looking for one record to invest some money on well you found it.The problem is you have to put your hand a bit deep in your pockets as this baby can go up to 400 euro.This is the living prof that Italo isn't all about badly arranged cheesy electro pop songs from Italy with a kitschy twist.

Blackway - new life