Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One of the finest SVEK releases ever. I think...

Forme - Morfe

Solar Musick Suite

Music is just about feelin' things
and havin a good time.
God creates talented persons every day.
It's the makeup of the person's heart and head
that makes him an asset.
Steve Hillage live and direct from
the stars..

Steve Hillage - New age synthesis (unzipping the zype)

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Lately I'm a complete fool for funky sounding new wave.Wet Job is a long time favourite from this massively underrated new wave band that has produced some top self new punk funk materia.This is a cut from probably their funkier and last LP called ''Beat Noir''.

Fingerprintz - the chace

button down brass

Well i guess this is not the kind of music you would probably expect from Mr Ray Davies.File under library electronic music. RAY DAVIES - PULSATOR

Friday, March 27, 2009

shine your light for the world to see

This is one of my favorite hip hop tracks ever!
Mos Def is a poet.
His words are more than just lyrics.
Umi means mother in Arabic.

Mos Def - Umi says

Thursday, March 26, 2009

nu old italo disko

A slow,Moroder-esque tune that reminds me
of a Dario Argento soundtrack.
I haven't heard anyone other than me play it out so far..
It's a good one for dancing and quite a John Peel record too.
I think.

Mr Clavio - Call me Mr Falcon

hot hot hot choco..late

Another very simple track that goes down well.
I prefer playing in the middle rather than the end of night.
When the pace is a bit slower and you can play records
like this one that you know everyone will instantly start dancing to.

Hot Chocolate -Stay with me

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pilot error

This tune is just wicked.Speaking of synth solos on the previous post,this one features one of the craziest keyboard jobs ever.I just can't get enough of it. Coming back from 1983 Stephanie Mill's ''Pilot Error'' is one of those tracks that can blow the roof anytime.Classic.

Stephanie Mills - pilot error

Monday, March 23, 2009

it's your last chance

Probably the standout track of the Dancing in Paradise LP and an overlooked classic,''It's Your Last Chance'' is a stunning song that starts out as your typical disco track , but if you are patient and wait for a while this massive space synth comes in an the song is lifted off straight out of this galaxy building and building into an epic tune.No more words.It spoils the fun.

El Coco - it's your last chance

Sunday, March 22, 2009

harvey play

If you find yourself caught in a situation where a man hands you over a record and shouts with a slight japanese accent in your face ''harvey play'',then you are probably in a record shop in Tokyo or London and this guy shouting wants to sell you a record that has been played by DJ Harvey.I guess this alone should give you reason enough to buy the record.Recently i was joking with a friend over the way that people who work in record stores use DJ names to promote records in the way mentioned above.Harvey play,Soft Rocks play,Terje play you can use any name you want and the record will be selling like hotcakes in a minute.This has worked for this blog from time to time.We post a track and when it gets played form someone out there everybody goes nuts about it.It's really funny how many people are visiting this blog only for that Stars and Bars track after the Mark Seven Originals compilation was released.Hype is bigger than life.Well the track offered on this post is a Harvey play and since people believe the hype more than the truth itself i will leave you decide if this song is really worth it's hype or it's a bag of shit.Furniture were a London based band that explored art pop territories with a new wave hint making them sound like a lot like It's Immaterial or a Cherry Red band.Without further ado this is I Can't Crack in it's long version.Waiting on your verdict.

Furniture - i can't crack -BROKEN

Friday, March 20, 2009


Join us tonight for a match made in heaven featuring ourselves and the Urban Disco crew.The only one winning in this will be the music.Hope to see you there.
This Tuesday we are going to be joining this gig featuring the one half of Allez-Allez.If you don't know them by now Allez Allez aka Steve Nolan and Sam Willis are two of the most in demand DJs in London's night scene.Their site Offers some of the most interesting sets you can find of the web with people like Hot Chip,Joakim or Lindstrom contributing mixes.This is a brief interview i got from Steve Nolan to get you in the mood.

Steve Nolan Interview For Plaidmusic

1.What was reason that put you into music blogging in the first place?

There was no real master plan. basically when myself and Sam started dj-ing together we started a regular party at London. we had quite a low profile within London so we thought a good way to grab some attention would be to publish short dj mixes the week of the party - like a kind of audio flyer. we didn't really think of it as blogging as such - if you look back at those early posts there is very little writing - we saw it as just another way to promote ourselves. then Sam got hold of an amazing mix George demure had done and thought it would be a good idea for us to host it on the site - kind of like a guest dj. the response was pretty good so we decided to have regular guests at the site. when the regular party come to a somewhat impromptu end the website basically became our "residency" where you could hear our dj-ing alongside guest djs.

2.With the music blog section being quite overpopulated lately,do you think there is a good way of standing out of the crowd?
I think all you can do is just believe in the stuff you put up on there and make it expression of your personality and hopefully like minding people will find it. there's no pressure from advertisers (or at least there shouldn't be) so we really have a free reign to do exactly what you want.

3.Dance music,always finds finds many forms to be reincarnated.Disco and it's sub products have proven to be a good chance for many people renewing their interest in dance music again after a period where techno and house got boring as hell,but with the hype soaring pretty high the last few years,do you think that this is something to hold on to?What's the next step?

It is good that disco has been taken off the naughty step and is now recognized as such an important part of the history of dance music and more importantly that some of it is simply brilliant music. i've never really been good at spotting trends - i just tend to buy and play music that makes me stand up and pay attention in one way or another regardless of genre or age - but if i were a betting man i'd say its time noseflute techno had its time in the sun.

4.Cutting and chopping obscure disco cuts on your ableton software has been so fashionable lately that the record market is experiencing a serious lack of original releases.Do y
ou think that with almost everyone putting out out his editing efforts on vinyl no matter how appealing they might be can be a real threat to the music scene?Do we really need a music market that consists mainly of extended versions of lost classics?

There probably is too much of this stuff being released but that argument can be extended to music in general. The stuff that is good (Todd terje' stuff, Pilooski, Betty Botox) can be really good. As long as people are doing interesting things with interesting records i think there is value in the form. Also re-editing can be a good exercise for producers in learning the dynamics of constructing a tune so hopefully the re-editers of today can be become the original producers of tomorrow/ Plus if its getting people into shops buying records then it can't be all bad.

5.Name some records that got you going trough 2008?
The new Brian Eno & David Byrne album was hugely disappointing with the exceptions of Strange Overtones which was glorious and one of my favourite tunes of the year. I loved Matias Aguayo's Minimal and fell in love with the delightfully bouncy P.O.P. by Haruki Matsuo. The record i played most though was probably Spirit's Twelve Dreams Of Dr Sanrdonicus - i may be entering my hippy stage.

6.Vinyl has managed to be the center of attention again.Do
you think that the web has been on of the reasons that got people into records again?

It seems to me that vinyl is having a pretty hard time of it at the moment. we both use laptops to dj and don't buy anywhere as much vinyl as we used to (though of course do still pay for music) so i guess we're part of the problem. serato and traktor scratch are becoming more and more prevelant which presents a big challenge to vinyl's survival as it combines the fun part of playing with records with the convenience of digital dj-ing and the other create opportunities the sotware provides.
But having said that its proven itself to be a tenacious format and i think it will survive. i can see it getting more and more expensive though.
I generally take inspiration from people who have doggedly ploughed their own furrow regardless of the financial rewards. My bank manager doesn't share this view.
8.Is there a a record that has got your fingers really dusty searching for it but is still not sitting among your record collection?

Far too many to mention. But then that's part of where the fun lies

9.Name five things that someone should know about you.
I've recently started dancing like my father.
I can cook a mean carbonara but that's about it.
I love karaoke.
Somewhere on the internet there is a music video where you can see my phenomenal "acting" talents.
I like listening to Hall and Oates when jogging as it makes me feel like I'm in a training montage from an 80's film.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

as soon the storm is over..

Jose Gonzales - Storm (pocketknife's tuba 303 mix)

Track of the day.!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

suburban love

This is what Japan used to sound like before the romance came along.''Earth Wind,Earth Wind and Fire couldn't take me much higher''.

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is something to help you reach your window easier.It's by one of my favourite bands ever and is so good that can damage your ear drums.

Spacemen 3 - revolution

i'm mad as hell and i can't take it anymore

It's hard to think that this phenomenal movie produced in 1976 could predict in such a dark and sinister way the shape of things to come.''The Network'' is a film that uses the most morbid colors to describe the power of the media over our lives.The use of media as a weapon of mass destruction is much more deadly than any other way of manipulation the world has known.Maybe even more powerful than religion itself.The ''tube'' is the only god humanity ever known.DIrector Sidney Lumet leaves no rays of light infiltrate this gloomy celluloid world he created.It's almost creepy to think how much relevant this film is to today's reality.We are living in world where the value of our personalities is trivial.Being self conscious is the only way of raising your voice over the giant wave of globalization that is storming all over the world like a giant tsunami.Do yourself a favour and watch this film.Then reach out to your window and shout ''I'm mad as hell and i can't take it anymore''.The revolution will not be televised.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

future dub wave

Equally well known for their skill as producers and remixers
as recording artists in their own right, the RSW influence
was felt throughout dance music in the 1990s.
Genres such as big beat and drum n bass whose sounds
were not defined until well after the release of the first RSW records,
all owe a debt to Renegade Soundwave, while The Chemical Brothers
have cited RSW as one of the biggest influences in their sound.

One of my favorite artists of the 90's
Here's a remix and the original one.Check out the lyrics..

Renegade Soundwave - RSW 7'inc

Renegade Soundwave -RSW (whistling guitar mix)

Slang Teacher

Kevin Mooney (Ex-Adam and the Ants bassist)
formed and led London's Wide Boy Awake.
Wide Boys offer clever wordplay and a preponderant
funk beat on "Slang Teacher.

In the 2000's, Mooney started another band,
the Lavender Pill Mob, with Gary Asquith,
a former member of Renegate Soundwave.

Wide Boy Awake - Slang teacher

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stefano Pulga is an iconic figure of Italian dance music.If his name means nothing to you then maybe the name Kano should be freshen up your memory.Responsible for most of their notable classics that influenced an army of techno aficionados,Pulga shaped what would later be widely known as the Italo sound.His debut LP is a real masterpiece of electronic fusion material that is Italian but not Italo.Featuring top musicians like Tulio De Piscopo on drums and tracks like Superflight and the Suspicion this record is one to watch out for.Ultra rare,Ultra Italian,Ultra Magnifico.

Stefano Pulga - suspicion

Monday, March 9, 2009



This is a small tribute to one of my favourite bands ever.It's quite dull to put a tag on a band like Slowdive.Their music sounded like clouds changing shapes on a clear blue sky.Like the rain hitting on your windscreen.Like the breath of your lover in an empty room.Like the continuous snoring of a refrigerator in the middle of the night.Like coming.Like dying.Like her face.Like visible veins under white skin.Like candy.Like whatever you want it to be.

pic by Arnell Henry

Slowdive - Rutti

Sunday, March 8, 2009

pink rose

Sunday morning is usually a time dedicated to hunting down records.After spending some hours on bended knees over piles of worthless records you end up wit shore feet and dusty fingers.It feels as a reward getting back home with a piece that's worth the trouble of going through all this.Today got back home with some goodies that got me smiling through the day and one of them was Rosebud's Discoballs LP featuring the classic Have A Cigar amongst some other stunning disco takes on Pink Floyd's classics.I know that a record filled with disco covers of Pink Floyd tracks might sound as an attempt that is sure to fail but this record is a sure winner.The track i'm posting is a instrumental cosmic stormer that sounds a bit is different from all the vocal based material on the album.

Rosebad - one of these days

Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't stop the robolove mix

1.House Of House - the rough half (don't stop)
2.Botany 5 - the only one in your love
3.Lexx - sirocco (slow mo)
4.Peter Brown - burning up (disco -x extended groove edit)
5.Jackson Jones - I feel good (put your pants on) Pilloski edit
6.Rolling Stones - dance (vocal)
7.Steve Winwood - penultimate zone
8.A Man Called Adam - Techno powers (harvey remix)
9.Essa - 2 With A Star (Road To Damascus Remix)
10.Muttranger - Sacramento Shuffle
11.Bam Bam - where is your child
12.Beloved - Your love takes me higher (The Pod Went Pop Mix)
13.Jaime Sagastibeltza Pejenaute - disco diamond
14.New Order - Fine time (Steve "Silk" Hurley Remix)
15.Maximilian Skiba - Apple of disco rd
16.Ganymed - Robot love

Don't stop the robolove mix

buy me a drink..

slumdog disco

And what a movie that was!Last night i finally got to see Slumdog Millionaire which was one of the most anticipated movies of the season for me.Being a massive Danny Boyle fan i expected the best out of it and to be honest it didn't let me down at all.Danny Boyle always has a way to get an optimistic view on life through his films and this one is no exception.Since this is not a movie review site though i just suggest to go and see it yourself and i'll just leave you with a track from India's ultimate disco Queen to get you in that Bollywood mood.This is Asha Puthli with 1001 Nights Of Love,a spacey sensual trip with a real Indian feel to it.

Asha Puthli - 1001 nights of love

Thursday, March 5, 2009

where were you when the lights were out

Before i grew a beard and started listening to sophisticated disco i was just a simple kid that used to smile more and think less.It's weird to think that most of us eventually grew to be the creatures we always meant to be.Is that a good thing after all?I guess it is but certainly there is part of me that misses these nights where we just danced without thinking of what would become of us the next day.Even after so many years on from these days ,when i listen to songs like the one i'm posting today makes shivers run down my spine."The Shaker Song'' by the Playtime Toons is one of those classic ''north'' records that utilized a simplest piano riff to full effect.One of the classic records to be played at the Hacienda this is a track that is filled with memories and the nostalgia of an whole era.An era filled with naive paino riffs big smiles and neverending weekends.It makes me feel qutie lonely talking about these times.The only things that are left from my ''raving'' days are some flyers piled up in dusty boxes and a my record collection.Sadly i couldn't hold on to all to all the people that danced by my side back in "those" happy days.Most of them became victims of a society that demands sad people that just work and consume.It's hard to keep the child in you alive and kicking but it's worth the try.Life is so short to spend it living with conformity.Living in a time where depresion is featured as the only approach to life the rave movement and everything it stood up for might be a good point to start becoming optimistic again.Wear a ''smily'' on your face and dance to this amazing tune like there is no tomorrow.

Playtime Toons - the shaker song

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3 on the go

1.Tuff Little Unit - Join the future

2.Daniele Baldelli - taxi track

3.Partners - Last disco in Paris

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

funky family

The good old combination of New Wave meets dark Disco is once again triumphant on this rare piece of Italo madness released way back in 1984.

Funky family - funky is on

Monday, March 2, 2009

let us dance just a little bit more

Let us dance just a little bit more
Even if the band walks out the door
And all the others go
Let's pretend that the music's on
Even if we're dancing all alone
And the night is gone

Secret service - let us dance just a little bit more