Friday, August 29, 2008

and the night moves on

I still can't get this picture out of my head.The midnight sun over Anafi island.Here is strictly nighttime mix i did that sounds better with moonlight.And the night moves on.

The night moves on mix

Thursday, August 28, 2008

special jazz band

Kymera means: a creature described in Greek mythology
as a beast with the head of a lion, body of a goat and serpents tail.
Also described as the fusing of 2 or more gene pools of different
composition, producing a new species. Kymera is true to the name,
performing material written by each member and truly representing
an equal portion of the whole.

From George Michael special jazz.....
Kymera Band ? - Club Tropicana !

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

notre dame

Since i started getting biblical with the revelation of Aphrodites Child i thought it would be fun to continue in the same vain so todays post is again dealing with religious and occult matters.THe nmae that connects Aphrodite's child with todays post is Egyptian,Greek French disco mastemind Alec R Costandinos.Alec was responsible for many compositions and productions of the band and was a mutual friend of Vangelis and Demis Roussos.Demmis' Loft classic L.O.V.E got a hold on me is written and produced by Alec as well as his worldwide hit My Friend The Wind.The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the famous story by Victor Hugo set in Paris around 1482.It describes the hopeless love of the deformed and deaf bellringer Quasimode for the 16 year old gypsy girl Esmeralda.The story has been adapted numerous times for the big screen.The most interesting adaptation of the story was the musical written by Alec R Costandinos.Alec R Costandino's real name is Alexandre Kouyoumdjiam and was born in Cairo Egypt in 1944.His mostly known trough his collaborations with French disco wizard Cerrone and his partner Don Ray.His work with Don Ray under the names of Shinx and Sumeria are typical examples of the Euro Disco sound.His solo work was mostly influenced by biblical and classical themes and had the form of imaginary soundtracks,something like a disco musical.His most succesful work in that vein was Romeo and Juliet.His film work included the soundtrack for the the film Trocadero Lemon Blue.Maybe the most weird thing he recorded was the story of Judas Iscariot along with Don Ray under the name Sphinx.Love and Kisses disco stomper ''I've found love'' is another example of his profilic producing.Either mainstream or artistic his sound was always distinctive,filled with orchestral sounds and classical styled.Alec R Costandinos was the king of symphonic disco,if there is term like that whatsoever..Here we are dealing with the disco version of Hunchback of Notre Dame and this particular one is a shorter edit i made out of he original as i thought that the track was getting a bit cheesy sometimes and the narration was getting the groove out of the song.I guess now it works better for your dancefloor.In the next posts i am going to explore a little more the work of the two unsung heroes of European disco,Don Ray and Alec R Costandinos so keep an eye open.

Alec.R.Costandinos-The Hunchback Of Notre Dame-Crisis Edited Version

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the sea of the apocalypse

As i mentioned before on another post the days following my summer holidays are quite melancholic,hazy and lately hot as the temerature is at the boiling point in Athens.So the latest posts follow that slacker hazy mood.This is a very special post though as it comes from Greek band and from one of the best LP's ever.The band Aphrodite's Child,the infamous Vangelis and Demis Roussos project with the ''magician'' Loukas Sideras on drums.The album is 666,for many people the best prog record of the 70's.If you ask me i can't agree more.It's a concept album based on Saint John's apocalypse as interpeted on a concept book by Costas Ferris.The story is that of a circus troupe giving a show based on the apocalypse scripts.While the circus is giving a performance about the apocalypse outside the tent the real revelation is taking place.The audience thinks that all is part of the show but the narrator knows that all of this is the work of god and not the troupe.Then the tent dissapears and the two shows merge into a real battle between god and the devil himself.Like many concept albums before 666 follows the timeline of a rock opera like Tommy or Sgt Peppers.Aphrodite's child were really famous in Europe mostly for their earlier and more pop oriented work,like It's Five O'Clock,The End Of The World or i want to live.Their sucess boosted Vangelis and Demis Rousos into stardom.Their music legacy is huge and 666 stands out as a masterpiece.Aegean sea is one of the best tracks of the album and it's describes perfectly the vastness and beauty of the sea.I hope that people who are not familiar with this record will get in touch with is magic.

Aphrodite's Child-Aegean Sea

Friday, August 22, 2008

quiet life

I laid down on my bed,turned off all the lights
put my headphones in and played
"A stream with bright fish" by B.Eno & H.Budd.. :)
This track has an angelic beauty.
Music to rebuild your head after a heavy night or day...
Great music to wake up to..
Thanks Chris...
I'd like to continue with one of my favorite after hours tune.
It's from David Lynch's "Lost Highway" film.
Barry Adamson's "Hollywood sunset"
Very simplistic ,very touching,
a real 'lay back and look at the stars' track
Watch the skies ...keep looking..
I can't say much more really.

Barry Adamson - Hollywood sunset

the sound of silence

The sound of the summer is probably that of silence interrupted by the sound of the sea,a cricket or an old refrigator making a repetitive but discreet noise.The closest i could find to that is a piece of music by Brian Eno and Harold Budd from their LP The Pearl.Every time i get back from my holidays i have this deep melancholy and my mind starts wandering over the years and every single summer i spent since i was a kid.A half empty rented room with a few furniture and a terrace with a view to the sun is one of the most fond memories of my summers.As the night fell the only thing you could see was the starlight and a few headlights from the mountains ahead.On a quiet night you could hear the sea singing.Everybody would pause for a while and listen to her song.It was the best song ever and it's still humming in my ears.I've been listening to this record all day trying to catch that moment again and hope i'll have the chance to escape to an island before autumn settles in.Then i will wait till it gets dark and play this record again.But on a different setting.

Brian Eno&Harold Budd-A Stream With Bright Fish

Thursday, August 21, 2008

back for more

After spending 20 hours of my life in a old ship called Romilda i finally managed to get back home from Anafi island,only to find that my PC power adaptor decided to commit suicide while i was away on holiday.So i had to wait till today to post something on my beloved blog.Im glad my mate Vags kept things warm while i was away with his awesome posts.I've been listening to this track a long time now but i can't seem to track down the artist.It's just came up one day on random play and since then im hooked on it.It's called Dreams and it kept me good company on my holidays.If you have any clue please let me know.More words and songs to come tommorow..Im still yawning from that 20 hour trip.


Monday, August 18, 2008

california 1981

Con Funk Shun entitled this album Con Funk Shun 7
to commemorate the 7 members in the group
and to acknowledge that the number
seven represents renaissance rebirth,
the emergence of something new.
The group experimented with a little rock
on the track "California 1,"
featuring Pilate on vocals and his rock-flavored
electric guitar.
Big thanks to Bumrocks for this one!

Con Funk Shun - California 1

moton records B

As yet unidentified track on this extremely limited edition 12" Moton Records Inc.
This is the b-side of Santa Esmeralda and Diesel and Dave Jarvis are on the edit.

Unknown Artist - In The City (Re-Adjustments By Diesel & Jarvis)

moton records A

Citizen Kane re-edits Santa Esmeralda's instrumental breakdown
from the full length album version of 1977's "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"
and renames it "Kane's Spanish Home".

Santa Esmeralda Kane's Spanish Home (Citizen's Arrangement)

back to balearica

Fantastic track from Supertramp from Brother Where You Bound
Written and sung by keyboardist Rick Davies.
I found this track while i was browsing an old idj magazine
that includes an intreview of A. Beedle.This track was one of his
favorite all-time balearic moments.
Prog soul anyone?

Supertramp - Cannonball

welcome to the plaidsuredome

Hello Hello Hello ! ! !
Back to life ! Back to reality ! Back to plaid !

Just came back from Istanbul where I had an amazing time.
summer still goes on!!!
so welcome ....
... with Frankie Goes to Hollywood. and from their debut L.P.
"welcome to the pleasuredome". the title track .
The lyrics of the song were inspired by the poem Kubla Khan
"Kubla Khan, or a Vision in a Dream. A Fragment."
by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which takes its title from the Mongol
and Chinese emperor Kublai Khan of the Yuan Dynasty.

Frankie goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the pleasuredome (13:39)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Guess I'm gonna leave you with this mix.
I have to go pack now cause leaving for holidays tomorrow.
Destination Istanbul.
Best holiday wishes to all of you ...


1. SIMON BAKER - Plastik (Todd Terje Turkateck mix)
2. SOUL II SOUL - Happiness dub
3. ARCADE LOVER - Fantasy lines in dub
4. DURAN DURAN - Save a prayer ultimix version
5. TOBY TOBIAS - The feeling (John Daly remix)
7. BADLY DRAWN BOY - Promises (B.T.W.S mix)
8. MOODYMAN - I can't kick this feeling when it hits
9. LUPO - Hell or heaven
10. DISCO DEVIL - Now dance
11. RAY MANG - Cereal lover
12. STYLE COUNCIL - Can you still love me ? (12'o clock dub)
13. SAMOS - Alpha storm (An 2 remix)
14. THE HUMAN LEAGUE - The things than dreams...(Ilya Santana remix)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

enter the cosmos

This is farewell mix i prepared for the blog last night.In a few days we are heading off to the islands so we are gonna pause this thing for a while.Maybe i'll get sometime to make another post before leaving so watch out for the last one.

Enter The Cosmos Mix

1.Rondo Veneziano-La Senerissima-Crisis Longer Edit
2.Harry Thuman-Sphinx
3.Kate Bush-Running up That Hill-Ashley Beedle Edit
4.Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Relax-New York Original 12''
5.Ginger Baker-Mountain Time
6.Tullio De Piscopo-E Fatto E Sorde(Money Money)-Max Essa edit
7.Marshall Jefferson-Open Your Eyes-Celestial Mix
8.Ghost Note-Holy Jungle
9.Will Saul-Mbira-Wahoo Mix
10.Maelstrom-Enter The Cosmos-Sankt Goran&Eric Sidung Mix
11.Carl Craig-Future Love Theme
12.The It-Donnie-Ron Hardy Mix
13.Pet Shop Boys-It's Allright

Monday, August 4, 2008


This track is massive!!In 1982 superstar Paul Hardcastle with Derek Green put up together a band called First Light.They produced a handfull of singles and an album named after them.Their second release was more of a compilation and it was called Daybreak.Their records are quite rare and collectable but you can find a great compilation of Paul Hardcastle's early work with First Light and Direct Drive called "Time Machine''.Paul Hardcastle was a leading figure in the Uk jazz funk scene in the early 80's and his solo work enjoyed huge success with tracks like 19 becoming worldwide hits.His links with the NYC scene were more than obvious as he made a version of D Train's You Are The One For Me.You can catch a rare live version of the song at You Tube.

First Light-Time Machine

dedicated to Joey II Times

Onion Display - Norzin Wangdu

I just found this beautiful track as i was diggin my records yesterday.
From the wonderful compilation Rob da Bank's, Sunday Best,
i chose Onion Display - Norzin Wangdu which appears exclusively
on this LP and it's been written by Phil Mison & Leo Elstob back in 1998.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

take it to another level

Probably the best jazz funk act to appear from Britain were worldwide stars Level 42.It's a pity most people concentate on their later hits and know little about the early work of the band.Their first album is a top shelf jazz funk record including the classic Starchild,a song included almost in every classics playlist of top dj's like Francois Kevorkian.A long time collaborator of the band(almost a member to be honest) was keybord wizard Wally Badarou.Todays post is a single preceeding their first album included on their early tapes LP.It called Flying On The Wings Of Love and it will definitely get you flying.

Level 42-Flying On the Wings Of Love

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Absolute classic of the jazz fusion genre.A driving percussive
funky latin groove is relentless in its dance floor
and chin stroking pleasures.
'Zaius' the second track of Eddie Russ ''See the light" L.P.
The title track 'see the light' and 'Salem Avenue'
both have promising moments, but Zaius is the killer cut
and worth buying the album, for this track alone.


Friday, August 1, 2008

British Dynamite!!!

The Hacienda post was only the beginning of a little special tribute to the Uk dance scene.Today's post is a reference to a pioneer named Greg Wilson,probably the one responsible for whole revolution of the way music was played in the Uk.The term electrofunk describes the music Greg Wilson was spinning at Manchester clubs like the Legend.Greg Wilson was he man who brought the B Boy sound of New Work to the Uk clubs.A mix of prototype electro with Jazz Funk from the Uk and the States.An extensive article about the topic is available at Electro Funk Roots.They've done a great research,and you can find a huge playlist with tracks from that period.One of the tunes that Greg Wilson used to spin back in that day was the obscure jazz funk Loco Moto by the Inversions.Quite a rare track as i can't seem to find a copy of the vinyl neitherin discogs nor at e-bay.So you' ll have to settle with the low quality mp3 i posted.Nevertheless it's frantic floorfiller that shows that white boys can jump.

Inversions-Loco Moto


One of the happiest moments in my day is when i receive a comment on one of our posts.Sadly that doesn't happen much.Well if you think about it a comment is the only credit you can give to a blog or site for all the hard work that's involved,and believe me it's a lot.Most people with blogs like ours put a lot of effort in them nad just expect to interact with a handful of people that share the same passion.I mean there is no profit or prize for it.Just the feeling you get when you see something that you love getting loved by others.Trackwerk,a site that's in our link list made a similar post some days ago.And asked for the same thing.Comments for the playlists you can download from their site.This triggered my post along with the fact that i would hate our blog ending up as a download page.Otherwise i would not bother thinking,writing or trying to put a sense of aesthetic in this blog.Thanks to everyone who bothered writing a few words,even if it is about a broken link.Now i should start making some comments on blogs i like..