Saturday, February 28, 2009

the year of the cat

Last night around 6 o clock in the morning Prins Thomas put this record and i guess that was the moment when everything felt at the right place.Needless to say it's one of the best songs ever and and a personal all time favourite.Thanks Major.

Friday, February 27, 2009

the other side of lindstrom

First time i heard Slow Supreme (Lindstrom)-Granada
was from a mixed compilation by Jori Hulkkonen called
Helsinki sessions vol 2. back in 2000.
Then some years later i remember browsing Keep on magazine
and i notice somewhere that Harvey is going to make a remix
for Lindstrom's "music (in my mind)
That really blown my mind.Hans is truly one of my favorite
heroes and finally tonight
I'm gonna see him playing his music live. :)

So... i just did a quick mix playing some tracks
by him under the names of Slow & Local
Maria Suntan, Six Cups Of Rebel, Slow Supreme

1.kontroll (the organ grinders breakdown)
2.arp she said
3.violent group (disco version)
5.mye moro
6.crazy B (lang diskoversjon)
7.deep & dozen tea
10.queen of the night
11.kull kenedy
12.latin Hollywood
13.all the way down (we love esther)

The other side of Lindstrom mix

Thursday, February 26, 2009

two for the price of one

This is quite a reason to be cheerful.The excitement of catching Norway legends Lindstrom and Prins Thomas in your city in the same night is quite too much to bear.We are doing some warm up action for Lindstrom so it's a good chance to see some of you there.Be sure not to miss Fantastikoi Hxoi performing after us because this act is defintely one of the reasons that could put Athens in the map of things to come in contemporary electronic music.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

first hand experience in second hand love

First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love is song originally produced by Mr Giorgio Moroder.The version posted here though is a later version by Canadian band called V Project.I believe this version is definitely superior to the original.Quite darker with heavier synth work and new wave meets italo vocals this obscure track is a neglected classic of electronic pop.Canada always produced quite sophisticated electronic music that carried a more European feeling than their American counterparts.If you like songs like the Expansives classic ''Life with You'' then you will fall in love with this one.

V Project - first hand experience in second hand love

my legendary girlfriend

No one could ever pull out a Sex Pistols t- shirt with a red blazer combination and look so good in them as Lizzy Mercier did.Queen of cool,Afro funk protege,punk model,no wave pioneer,disco junkie whatever the case is,Lizzy was all of those mentioned.Influenced heavily by the African continent and it's heritage Lizzy Mercier was one of the key figures in the early no wave movement,was a friend of Patti Smith and Richard Hell,got her second album to be produced by keyboard maestro Wally Badarou and recorded a song with legend trumpeter Chet Baker.Quite a lot of achievements for one lifetime, don't you think?''This post is a small tribute to a beatiful girl that was a true music pioneer.Dying suddenly in 2004 at 48 years of age,Lizzy Merceir remains a true iconic figure that influenced many to come after her.Fire'' was the first single she ever produced and is a frenetic punky disco take on Arthur Brown's original.Class.

Lizzy Mercier Descloux - fire

Sunday, February 22, 2009

sunday blues

Although this track has been posted before on a couple of other blogs,i thought that it deserved one more more mention here for those who didn't catch it's magic in the first place.Sundays afternoons always carried this deep melancholy,a blurry mixture of childhood memories,family lunches and the taste of alcohol from Saturday partying still lingering in your mouth.Auntie Aviator is a song by folk troubadour John Martyn and his wife Beverley coming out from their Road To ruin LP release in 1971.It's a song about flying high on the wings of love and never wanting to come down and although this alone could be enough to make it a ''happy'' song its' rather a deep melancholic elegy that brings shivers down your spine.Not your usual disco treat but after all who said this blog is all about disco.When i first started this blog i didn't have a any idea where we were going .It was just a flash in my mind while sitting in front of my PC on a Sunday evening.It was more of way of getting our thoughts out there.Music is a simple and effective way to get your felling across.I hope that some of you are getting the message.This goes out to my friend Henri from Finland who is puzzled with his blogging adventures.Being original is all that matters.As Mama Cass used to say on "'Make your own kind of music'' ,''sing your own special song even if nobody else sings along''.I'm really happy that all this time we have been running this blog we got in touch with many people and exchanged music,views and ideas on music or life.Another friend we made through this blog is KennyWisdom from Keyboardmasher which is one of our top sites and a long time inspiration.This week we are very happy to be the special guests on Kenny's page selecting some tunes so drop by and have a look.

John and Beverley Martyn - Auntie aviator

Saturday, February 21, 2009

rock 'n' words

intelligent.funny.quality.musical genius.articulate.
way ahead.. Uncle Frank rules..

Frank Zappa -I Don't Wanna Get Drafted

Thursday, February 19, 2009

western roots

With a first look you can't really find any obvious connection between spaghetti westerns,Casablanca and bananas.Still there is a thing that connects all three of them.Roots were an Italian band that produced an LP for the French label Carrere."What are you doing in Casablanca'' is a killer disco record with overflowing sense of humour much in the same vein of the Savannah Band.With tracks like Sheriff's Horse this record worths every penny as the original press on Derby records can go up to 60 euros.Needless to say that if you find a copy lying around in some second hand store you should consider your self a very lucky bastard.

ROOTS -Sheriff's Horse

Monday, February 16, 2009

season of the witch

While the original version of this song is one of those cases that gives the word ''crap'' a whole new meaning,this version by disco outfit Witch Queen is a sure winner.Highschool rock with a disco twist for the discerning dancefloor.

Witch Queen - all right now

birth control

This is an out of space prog rock monster that justifies the use of drugs but definitely not the ones pictured here.

Birth Control - Gamma Ray

Saturday, February 14, 2009

food for fantasy

This album is amazingly great piece of IC label.
But it's much more amazing, because it's a fake.
It's not really a Double Fantasy album of Robert Schroeder,
but an album made by Dancing Fantasy -
a clone made by IC. This is written on official page of Robert Schroeder:
"Schroeder nothing deals with the 1994 IC-Digit
appeared album Dancing Fantasy - Food for Fantasy.
Probably, however, it was pursued here,
because Schroeder's spare project for Double Fantasy
should run under the name Food for Fantasy.
A known radio presenter had announced this in 1994
also in a broadcasting.
A month later appeared the just named IC product of Dancing Fantasy."

Double Fantasy - food for fantasy

baby blue

Today's post might not be that much of a discovery but still is a long lost loved classic.Riding high on the heels of re edit madness,Dusty Springfield's Baby Blue got a new treatment lately from London's disco collective Horse Meat Disco.The version i'm posting though is the original 12'' version.I can't really say much about this record.You can't really ask more from a disco record.The vocals are angel like,the orchestration is sublime and the production is so contemporary that makes you want to send your Ableton software to the dust bin and start growing flowers instead of producing music.This song is so good you can't afford to pass it by.Immerse your soul in blue.

Dusty Springfield - baby blue

stars n bars

we are the stars we are the bars going to Mars
buried cosmic treasure

Stars N Bars - Stars n Bars

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jesus-Manson look

"Rule number one as a deejay is to never listen to what your friends say. Actually, that’s rule number two; rule number one is, Don’t be drunk when you spin. No, wait, that’s rule number three—rule number one is, Don’t leave your records in a car, ever!"

I’m just guided by the force. It’s a pretty simple process. I just look through my records as the one before is playing and decide which one to play next. I guess that would be my main skill—just figuring out what the next record to play is.

Beyond that, I suppose I tend to play records that a lot of people don’t know, and the end result is that I’m providing people with a mood or a feeling rather than just a list of songs that they like. And that’s kind of what deejaying is all about, right?

Harvey Basset's choice


cim - shift

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i still reach out

Lenny used to be with Tower Of Power
lead vocalist.You all know that..
There's a brilliant edit by Foolish Felix on Bear funk
"reach out".You will love that.
Lenny did ''You Got Me Running'' & "Choosin' You"
back in the days.
Here's another favorite track we should check again.

Lenny Williams - I still reach out

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As i have clearly stated before on this blog I'm not a big fun of Mr Moonlight Shadow but this track rocks my world.

Mike Oldfield - Charleston

The last time we dealt with a DJ History release on this blog was for a preview of the amazing Tele Disco compilation.This time DJ History strikes back with an essential book release.A definitive guide to the disco era the suitably named ''Disco Files'' is a comprehensive chronicle based on the articles of New York's ''official'' party freak journalist Vince Aletti.Complete with dj charts from top DJs of the era like Larry Levan and Walter Gibbons and weekly charts and reviews on essential disco releases,this is a must have.You can have a short glance of what's the book like in the 30 page pdf sampler that DJ History was kind enough to give away as an introduction to the book.This is a must have release so place your orders at the DJ History's homepage.

Download FREE 30-page sampler pdf (700KB)

Monday, February 9, 2009

under the sun

I like to bring a little French touch back.
Every time i hear this played out,
I'm amazed at how warm it sounds.

Eric Vincent - under the sun et sous les cocotiers

Saturday, February 7, 2009

magicosmorock mix

Groove with me with some of my favorite cosmic not cosmic tracks.

1. Ashra - Morgana da capo
2.Godsday - Galaxy toobin
3.Force Of Nature - Skyy high
4.Edgar Froese - Pinnacles part 2
5.Steve Hillage - Palm trees (love guitar)
6.Aphrodite's Child - Magic mirror
7.Chango - walk on hell
8.Grand Funk - Shinin' on
9.Ace Lover - 212
10.James Pants - Were through
11.Moodswings - Skinthieves (angry guitar mega mix)
12.Beastie Boys - 14th st. break
13.Area code - Gaz-o-lean
14.Steve Kotey - 1974
15.Gary Hairston - Me myself & i
16.Vangelis - Multi track Suggestion

Friday, February 6, 2009

save marsius

This picture must be without a doubt the worst picture to be posted on this blog.In fact it's so bad that makes me think that you wouldn't' bother reading this post any further.Believe it or not this handsome gentleman that could be selling fake Rolex watches on your local beach is the man that provided the vocals to one of the definitive gay disco anthems of all time,that being Macho's I'm A Man.Not that much of an ideal man i guess, but this guy with a need for chest waxing and a poor taste in hats produced two amazing space disco albums that defined the sound of early italo disco.Even though his most known work is the LP ''Save The Tiger'' the real winner is his second LP under the name Marzio,called ''Smoke On The Volcano'' with tracks like Volcano and the more laidback ''Phantom Of The Opera''.I'll end today's post with this track that can easily convince you that sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Marzio - phantom of the opera

eye in the sky playlist

After a while i usually post the playlists of my mixes so this is no exception.There you go!

1.Haircut 100-Evil Smokestacking Baby
2.Dr Dunks-The Phone
3.Trade Mark-The Days Of Pearly Spencer
6.Run Disco Run-Moxie
9.Daniel Pattuchi-Beyond The Sky
10.BBC Radiophonic Wokshop-Tomorrows World
11.Ask Tekken
12.Don Ray-My Desire
13.Yello-Downtown Samba
14.Sandee-Notice Me
15.Quango Quango-Love Tempo
16.Expansives-Life With You
17.Rogue Cat-Magic Journey-Todd Terje Mix
18.Downtown Party Network-Into Your Face
19.Gus Gus-David-Underwater Mix
20.Carl Craig-For My Peepz
21.House Of House-Rushing To Paradise(Walking These Streets)
22.Lee Jones-There Comes A Time-Prins Thomas Edit
23.Jean Luc Ponty-Open Skies-TT edit

Thursday, February 5, 2009


JUST BLOW MY MIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN

Moodswings - skin thieves (Angry guitar mega mix)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey Survivor

This one goes out to a great artist that is no longer among the living.This sensitive song writer from Florence was only 48 years old.I really don't like this post to be an obituary so i ll just leave you with a great song from his work with a title that speaks better for itself.For those who have not indulged into Mike Francis' music this post might be a good start.Hey Survivor!!

Mike Francis - Survivor (extended version )

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


James Last's best kept secret.Considered by many Dj's and jazz funs
to be the finest lp ever recorded,under the title
"James Last in Los Angeles".
Cult classic and well kept secret.

James Last - I can't move no mountains

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sounds To Make You Shiver!

Future classic.Ace.
modern dance music.
I'd like to hear this song out in a club.

Shiver - never coming back (promises promises mix)

when you dancing on the floor

can you dance all night long?
can you keep it up?
till the early morning light?

Gene Farrow - can you keep it up all night

lucky in love

Greg Kihn, after charting such hits as The Breakup Song and Jeopardy
in the early to mid-’80s as frontman for the Greg Kihn Band,
is celebrating more than 10 years as the morning host of Clear Channel’s
classic rock KUFX (K-Fox)
(San Jose/San Francisco).
Greg Kihn was the #1 rated morning drive time Dj.
He's also an author!

Greg Kihn - lucky (extended)

into the galaxy

This 20 minute space epic jam comes from Mr Kurt Hauenstein otherwise the man known as Supermax.I wont get into details about Supermax's career or music as it has been done numerous times in the past.The name of this project is ''A Planet Called Earth'' and its extended in two parts.This is the second part and is a real trip into the galaxy.Super rare and collectible this is one to watch out for.

Kurt Hauenstein - A planet called earth part 2