Friday, May 21, 2010

decadence exotique

This is my new mix for the Non Collective site,which in my humble opinion is probably one of the best sources for quality mixes on the web.Served with love and style.Thanks to David this is another slice of demented summer time coolness.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

happy birthday

Today marks the two year anniversary from the first time this blog became from just an overnight fantasy to a living thing.Within these two years the most important thing i gained through this site is a couple of good friends and many others that could prove good friends one day.Imagine i dropped a message in a bottle two years ago in the ocean and so many people red my message and got back.This is the real story.My message in bottle was found and i can't be any happier.I want to thank everyone who has contributed in any way to this site.I will name a few and i want to apologise from everyone i might omit in hastiness of writing.Mr Moonboots for promoting this blog in any way possible,David from Non Collective that proved out to be a good friend,Mr Vidal Benjamin who's knowledge and Romerian ethics could be of use for all my life,Dr Rob from Tokyo who's writings and mixes made the last year a different one,my friend Henri from Finland,Andrew Lovefingers for always being an inspiraton and quite helpful in many ways,our mysterious jet set friend Arthit from Thailand that always provides us with the most interesting comments,fellow blogger Peter Pleasure who is a super cool dude,Max Essa,Paul Byrne,Tommyboy,Dj Sergio,Jason Darrow from Robots in Heat,Guillame Galuz from Paris,Basso from the Growing Bin,Max and Jamie from Discohorror,Julian Horn,Diskoakademin,the wonderful Mr Tako,Jaz,everyone who has been sending their edits,music and love through our mail.I just want to add on this that i'm really sorry i dont get to post your stuff here but this blog is turning more into a mixes site and less of an edits and tracks blog.This is a change that happened along the way and from today you re going to witness even more changes to this blog to make it even better and good looking.Last but not least i want to thank my partner in crime Mr Vags that without his help and love this would not be where it is right now.Thanks for being there mate.The first post on this blog was a track by Mr Bobby Konders so i will just leave you with another one of his.Till next time.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

caldera mix

I made a new mix for fellow blogger and friend Peter and his wonderful site Peter Pleasure Cruise'n.It's a good chance to check out his blog and download my mix which is a tribute to summer days and nights.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

balearic hardcore

I think that after some point this whole talk about what's balearic and not and the use of the word to describe things that are in the most kindest manner ''rubbish'' has to end.For me the word always meant quality music that can take you on an imaginary trip to the core of the beauty that lies in life in it's self.Life away from the stress and the grayness of the city.A call from mother nature to get back to the basics,the things that can make you happy in the most simple way,like the embrace of the sea and the caress of the sun on your skin.The light reflected on white houses under the midday sun and red flowers hanging from open windows.The smiles of the wrinkled faces of old islanders,the smell of iodium in the summer breeze as it hits your face you when the day starts to fade.
The morning light coming trough a half open window.The song of seabirds on a clear day.The endless humming of the sea as it hits the shore like two eternal lover's bodies colliding in a fanfare of genesis.For me this is what balearic means and a thousand things more that can't be listed in a blog post.I guess this piece of music can do the talking way better than my limited vocabulary.