Sunday, January 31, 2010

musica dal vivo mix

Internet..A good thing..where a lot of us find out
more about music,music that would probably not
have been exposed.
In the way for many of us to transfer sound files
ideas and,in some cases,important thoughts
about what we might have for dinner to the masses.
Whiskey..The role of whiskey will be made clearer
later.For now let me just say that it is an invaluable
asset to me in the creation of this mix.

Mixtape Musica dal vivo mix ENJOY

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Here is a new mix i made last night while experiencing creative ''insomnia'' after drinking some Meisel Weisse beer.During my midnight travels i visited the French village Tourtour,listened to the song of a whale,i celebrated life,paid Dr Calculus a visit,chatted with Vangelis,tuned in to Minneapolis radio,fought under the sun with a french man,saw the ocean,wandered through Tokyo on high heels,and walked on air.Well that's too much excitement for one night i guess.

music is freedom from repetition!

If you love Sakamoto's "Before Long,"
you would like this one.
That piano melody is MAGICAL.
Great band.

Monday, January 25, 2010


This track makes me want to live forever.


This is a piece of sun drenched slow motion Italo action that can take you on a trip to a secret little summery place where you can sooth your dry lips on the wet body of a girl that just got out of the sea.I know it's the middle of winter but dreaming is free so immerse with no hesitations.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

liverpool 1

Wonderful balearic pop from Liverpool courtesy of Mr Ian Broudie.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

inside you

This track is an absolute killer.Not enough ways to describe this slow motion Italo monster with a balearic feeling all over.The drums are massive,the vocals are pure bliss,amazing heart felt vocals and climax that makes the song blow up towards the end.Enough said.Enjoy.

this is a page from my diary

It's a fact that the last week was quite a busy one so this is the reason for the lack of posts.I'm sorry about that but i promise i will try and make up for that within the next days.At least there was Dr Rob's amazing mix to keep you company while i was not around.This is some exquisite northern pop from one of my favourite Factory bands that were a blueprint for hundreds of cut copies during the 80's.The Wake hailing from Glascow produced some quintessential singles on Factory and evolved from early gothic New Order zealots to jangly etherial pop heroes.This kind of sound reached it's peak on their masterpiece of an album ''Here Comes Everybody" released in 1985.One of my favourite tracks of the album is ''O Pamela'' which is the perfect example of where bands like the Field Mice drew their inspiration from.

Friday, January 15, 2010

dr rob-with godz on our side

Dr Rob is one of those people that earns your respect quite easily with his really polite ways and a really natural unforced modesty when it comes to praising his work.Rob's Tokyo to Kissa hosted on Test Pressing was without a doubt one of my favourite mixes of 2009 and one that touches a certain chord in me every time i listen to it.The wonderful words that accompanied the mix describing Rob's adventures in Japan was reason enough to make this mix a special one.Rob's mixes are always top quality so when he offered to do mix for us i was more than happy to host it.Once again emotional,sincere and dreamy Rob delivers a spiritual take on balearism with the suitably titled ''With Godz on our side''.Rob posts some great stuff on Test Pressing and holds a great radio show on Samurai Fm that you can check out here.

With Godz On Our Side

Neville Brothers – With God On Our Side

John Abercrombie – Timeless

Stumo Yamashita – Native

Foxx & Guthrie – Stroboscope

Micheal Head – Queen Matilda

Ry Cooder – Cancion Mixteca

William Ackermann - Visiting

DSK – Winter Lane (Drumless)

Kajagoogoo – The Garden

Nabowa – Open:2 (Mudd`s mix)

Thermomoderm – Radium Writes Its Name

Eno & Fripp – Swastika Girls

Stephan Jurgen – Smiling Penguins

Monday, January 11, 2010

all the time


Thursday, January 7, 2010


Although the calendar tells me it's the 7th of January and we were supposed to be in the heart of winter,Athens continues to feel like a tropical city when it's 18 degrees outside the moment i'm writing these words.I know for most of you out there this will sound rather fascinating but for me it starts to feel a bit weird.Wish i could wear my new duffle coat and walk out to winter but that's just a fantasy for now.Today's post is not about the bloody weather in Athens though os lets move to the musical part of it.Stephen Duffy has to be one of my favourite people since i was a kid.Either as a solo artist or with Lilac Time he never stopped to surprise me with the diversity of his musical output.The prize for his most prolific ans weird release goes without second thoughts to the record he releases using the Dr Calculus alias.Designer Beatnik is a record that needs some hard effort to be described.Light years away from everything else he has produced ,it is a mix of euro,ebm,electro,Chris and Cosey,brass,new beat,surreal lyrics,oriental.The easiest way to get the vibe is to listen to the record yourselves.Quite a hard task that is though as the record i quite rare,so here is one of the tracks of the LP I find quite interesting.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

the jet set junta

A great Interview with Bid from the Monochrome set.One of my favourite bands and a truly underrated band that influenced the bulk of british bands that were active during the 80's.A small tribute to the unsung heroes of intelligent pop.