Tuesday, September 30, 2008

classic rock

I spent a whole evening just listening to music with my mate Andrew who serious vinyl collector of 60's and 70's pop psych folk form around the globe.While talking he mentioned a long forgoten classic by Ten Years After.The track was ''I'd love to change the world'' and instantly it became clear that todays post was gonna be this.It's so classic you can't miss this.I mean everyone knows this song but i always thought it was Tim Buckley singing or something.No it's that guy Alvin Lee that knew how to touch a guitar like a few people knew.Check him out playing at Woodstock and you'll see why.Im not a fan of Ten Years after but this song is a killer.It's a pity it was only released as 7'' and its only about 3 minutes long.No re edits this time..Big thanks to Andrew for the inspiration.

Ten Years After-I'd love to change the world

Monday, September 29, 2008

not lucio

Another Italian stallion today is featured on our blog.Lucio Battisti was one of the best artists to come out of Italy.His songs have been covered,remixed or re edited on numerous occasions but i think that the definitive attempt at hs imaterial was the take on his epic tune ''Il Valiero" by the dutch group ''The Chaplin Band'', also known for they track Madman's Discotheque.I ve never decided if i go fro the simplicity of the original by Lucio or the lush 11 minute orchestration of the Chaplin band.Anyway today my choice is the second one in it's original glorious un edited form.

The Chaplin Band-Il Veliero
I can't say much about the greatest composer of all time.Today he is playing in Athens but sadly i wont' be there.Many years ago a good friend made me a mix cd as present and the last track on it was L'Ultimo by Mr Ennio Morricone.It still remains a piece of music that brings tears to my eyes everytime i hear it and maybe is one the reasons that makes me think that music and love are the only things to make mortality seem more tolerable.

Ennio Morricone-L'Ultimo

when i grow up i wanna be like you

This guy is no longer among the living.It's better saying that than "he died''.Let's say that now he is somewhere else.Paul Newman was the epitomy of a man.Most girls think he is the best looking guy to appear on celluloid,he was an astonishing actor and his personal life was that of a saint.This man gave away 220 million ''profits" from his food company Newman's Own,to charity.Newman strongly supported Eugene McCarthy and for this reason alone he became the 19th person on president Nixon's enemies list.He was a liberal man that was open about his opinions of gay people and gay marriage.He was a person that always supported minorities with words and actions.Newman was married to Joanne Woodward from 1958 till this very day.The "Hud'' had eyes only for one woman and when asked how he could hold hsi relationship together with temptation lying in the corner he simply replied, "Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?"That says it all.More to all thsi Newman was an actor of all seasons and made succesful movies from the early sixties to the eighties.Movies like the Hud,The Hustler,The Sting,The Color Of money,Cool Hand Luke and the lsit goes on.One of his strangest and lesser knownfilms called ''Quintet'' by Robert Alltman was one of his best.Newamn shared a passion with another all time hero Steve Mcqueen.That was the passion for speed.Among his many trophies and chamionships in the states,he got to finish second on the 1979 24 hours Le Mans race driving a 935 Porsche.He was the man!I wish i could live up to being like him and live a long and happy life.R.I.P

disabled playlist

Since i've been asked sometimes im posting the disabled mix playlist.Im doing it with feelings of dissapointment as everyone is interested in track names and not the music it's self.Anyway im an old nagger,so here you are with no further ado.

1.Mathew Herbert-Its only
2.James Yuill - This Sweet Love -prins thomas sneaky edit
3.Laughing light of plenty-the rose
4.Spiritualized-If i were with her now
5.Alan Parsons Project-Voyager
6.Bastard-Mountaqin of One Rework
8.Combi re edits-it a late
9.Flash and the pan-California
10.Kenny Loggins-Nightwatch
12.Metronomy-Heartbreaker -Faze action dub
13.Faze action-In the trees
14.Paul Jackson-The push

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Welcome aboard to the starship QUINCE.
Phase one it's quite simple but astonishingly effective.
Bram Sluiter aKa Quince always finds enough sounds
to keep you interested.His strength are : masterful musical abilities
on all instruments esp. the organ and his drum programmming.
What sets him miles apart from the rest of the Techno Producers.
Travel travel and never return.
It's like life-you can go back.

Quince - Phase one


From Glasgow, Barry Reeves & Calum Walker a.k.a. Electronic Boogie Band
have done releases and remixes on Deep Freeze Recordings and 20:20 Vision.
Here they deep and funky I-Tal disco track will do damage on all dancefloors.
Enjoy to play.!

Electronic Boogie Band - I-Tal disco

'hoolah hoolah dance'

No disrepeat intended, but I know I am suspended,
But no matter can be rended in the hoolah hoolah dance.

We don’t repence in the hoolah hoolah dance,
They do their dance in the Southern side of France.

Get it while you can, when you can you can be square,
But you know you can’t be square, the hoolah hoolah dance.

CAN - German pioneers of kraut rock and electronics.
Formed in late 60s' and started to experiment with psychedelic music
and free jazz, eventually were joined by singer Kenji "Damo" Suzuki
and turned their sound towards a crazy mixture of improvisation,
noise, mantra and funk rhythms.
Tago Mago(1971), Ege Bamyasi (1972) and "Future Days" (1973)
is their trilogy of masterpieces.

Here the Betty Botox crew presents Kraut edit of hoolah hoolah dance.

Betty Botox - Can-Can

black is the color

Talking about a great jazz ensemble. Wilbert Longmire,
Bob James and Eric Gale..Those are the major giants
of funk/jazz/disco.Bob James fender rhodes always unmistakable.
On Wilberts L.P. "Sunny Side Up' there's a beautiful slow ballad
called " Good Morning' & a fine instrumental version of
Bill Wither's "Lovely Day".
Guitar player Wilbert belongs to those artists who had
some kind of successful career during the 80's and now
have completely disappeared from the radar leaving one
wondering what they are up to these days.

Wilbert Longtime - Black is the color

Saturday, September 27, 2008

ghalib ghallab

Ghalib Ghallab - Stop running away from love

Just call it "Ghalib Ghallab" music or "feel good music"

i can't dance

Here is my new mix.Creative time during sleepwalking crisis in the early hours.

Disabled Mix

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hot Melt Music


Today we don't have music !!!
You had to hear Larry play this in Paradise...
it may have been better than sex!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

man of the world

This song has been playing from the morning i opened my eyes today.On and on and on.It's without a doubt one of the best songs ever to be recorded.In a time where re-edits champion the scene(yeah im one of those guys too),a 3 minute long track can showcase it's strength.Peter Green's voice is breathtaking.In fact he's telling the story of his life and he means every word he says.That guy is a living legend.B.B King once quoted this about Green "He has the sweetest tone I ever heard; he was the only one who gave me the cold sweats".I guess its's kind of a praise for a white boy to get that respect from a black blues legend.Peter Green was the founder of Fleetwood Mac,a group which eventually became a completely different one from it's original form.Im not one of those guys who claims that their 70's and 80's output was commercial crap.I kind of adore every single thing this group produced but i tend to consider Peter Green's first line up a different group.Peter Green was a tragic figure suffering scizophrenia after excessive LSD use.That reminds me of someone else now that i've mentioned it..Anyway this song sums up the myth of one of the best guitarists to have walked this and founder of one of your favourite bands."I could tell you about my life and keep you amused i'm sure"

Monday, September 22, 2008


M83 were introduced to me some years ago by a friend who lives in London and tagged them as the "best thing i have heard in years".I had a listen to their album Dead Cities and i found their dramatic and epic electronic elegies kind of tiring at the time and never gave much attention to their music.My second attempt with their sound was their next album named ''Before the Dawn Heals Us''.I was instantly hooked and got attached to a particular song called Moonchild which surprisingly was similar to their first LP.So i thought i'd give it another go and found i was quite unfair in the first place.I haven't listened to their new LP but i've heard that they are playing live sometime in October so i may have the chance to have a taste of their new work.


like an eagle

Last night i accidentaly came across this epic live version of the much loved classic by Steve Miller.Everytime he and his band didn't aim for the charts they produced some amazing stuff.Here Steve Miller explores the limits of his guitar and extends the original song to an 11 minute acid trip that is more in the vein of their leftfield disco classic Macho City.Steve Miller was a remarkable blues guitarist and i guess you you can't tell that by listening to Abracadabra.Well that was a very popular song when i was young and got extensive airplay on my fathers car stereo.I always rememeber that silly that rhyme that went like this ''Abracadabra i wanna reach out and grab ya''.Well Steve Miller were more than that and this is the solid reason.Time keeps on slippin..

Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle(Live Version)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

put a little love into it ( when you do it)

Eloise Laws was born in 1949, in Houston, TX. She began recording for Holland-Dozier-Holland's Music Merchant label and had a couple singles released in 1972-1973: "Tighten Him Up" and "Love Factory." When the famous songwriting team folded Music Merchant, they signed Laws to Invictus. They released a few singles and her first LP, 1977's Ain't It Good Feeling Good.

Due to mismanagement, Invictus folded and Laws jumped to ABC to record Eloise, released later that year. Linda Creed, who co-produced the album, produced 1980's Eloise Laws, released on Liberty. All in Time, for Capitol, followed two years later. During this phase of her career, she was also featured on a number of albums by her contemporaries, including Harvey Mason's Funk in a Mason Jar, Aquarian Dream's Fantasy, Lee Oskar's Before the Rain, Ahmad Jamal's One, and several releases by her siblings.

Eloise Laws -Put a little love into it

Friday, September 19, 2008


If techno's first-generation trinity of Juan Atkins,Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May
were the 3 musketeers,then CARL CRAIG would be D'Artagnan.
He was still at school when the DETROIT scene was at it's peak.
Carl was an ordinary west Detroit kid and while hi s techno mentors were turning
the sound of European electronic pop like Kraftwerk ,Human League & Depeche Mode
into science fiction soundtracks for post industrial Detroit,he was most likely to be
found in his bedroom strumming on a guitar.Or mesmerized by the futuristic records he heard on Derrick May's radio show.
With his deep musicality and wide range of influences Carl offers the dance world a stream of
important bridges and connections.

"MORGAN GEIST could retire now and he'd still be considered one of electronic music's most respected figures. But judging by "Detroit," the first single from his forthcoming solo album, he's still got plenty more to offer" R.F.
Carl offers two different interpretations: the second is a little more ambitious in its scope incorporating snippets of the original vocal and stretching a vintage sounding, sinewy bassline across an absorbing nine minutes.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

aqua marine

V.R.S - aqua marine

The original of this is from Santana and i wouldn't have gone near
this cover version if it hadn't been for idjut boys pulling in out of the bag.
featuring Evelin on vocals from Italy back in 1990.

dance with me

I seem to be having an obsession with Chilly lately.At our party on Saturday i spinned two of their tracks,both of them being all time favourites.The first was Dance with Me in Disco Devil's version with the name "Now Dance".I can remeber playing ''Sensation'' at around 5 o'clock in the morning when everyone was wasted..So todays post is one of those two tracks as you might have guessed.My choice is Now Dance cause it has been on my playlist for about a month now.Chilly are a group worth investigating more than their apparent hit For Your Love re edited once my the infamous Mr Todd Terje.Be careful though because their releases after their fisrst album sound like Eurovision songs that got kicked out before the semi finals.Now Dance!!

Disco Devil-Now Dance

lovers all around

Blue Aeroplanes - ...and stones (my favorite indie track 4 the 90's plaid at wrong speed minus -5)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the days before disco

Since i wasn't born listening to disco music you can easily guess that other kinds of music occupy my turntable from time to time.Back in my teen days one of my heroes was the enigmatic Lawrence and my favourite band was(well still is maybe) the Felt.I claim to have almost all of their releases on vinyl.Well not all but all the older ones at least.After Forever Breathes the Lonely Word i lost the plot to be honest.That guy Lawrence and his band were probably the most esthet and eclectic indie band of the 80's and their dinstictive guitars of Maurice Deebank were a trademark of their sound.Their song Primitive Painters comes from their Robin Guthrie produced album ''Ignite the Seven Cannons''.Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins has been mentioned again here for hsi track the Day Star some time ago.Well this is one of the best songs of the 80's courtesy of one of my favourite bands in the world.

Felt-Primitive Painters

Sunday, September 14, 2008

see that there's a party going on

Around 6 a.m this morning i was feeling more than happy.Maybe our first Plaid party wasn't that hyped or overpacked but the people who showed up had genuine fun and danced with big smiles on their faces till early morning.I think the peak moment for me was playing Lies by GQ and seeing everyone throwing their hands in the air the moment the first line played through the speakers.See that there's a party going on!!Special mention to the guys that took their tops off.I want to thank everyone who was there and enjoyed the music with us.I will be happy as long as positive people, as the ones we had with us last night, show up at our parties and dance their hearts out.Alexees nice T shirt by the way.Keep the good vibes.I want to thank Yoga Bala and the Outro girls for their lovely vibe and the chance they give us and many other Djs who love good music.Cu at the next Plaid party sometime soon.

GQ-Lies-Theo Parrish Ugly Edit

Friday, September 12, 2008

It gets so hot in the city

"Don't want to know, I don't want to go,
I don't want to go back into the city.

It's just a long long long lonely taxi ride
Going nowhere."


Mark–Almond were an English band of the late 1960s and early 1970s,
who worked in the territory between rock and jazz.
In 1970 Jon Mark and Johnny Almond formed Mark-Almond
The melancholy tones of saxophonist Almond were an integral part of the group's sound
and Almond frequently played flutes as well, including the rarely-heard bass flute. Characterized by a blend blues and jazz riffs,latin beats, and a mellow rock aesthetic, and in contrast the heavier guitar driven rock of his contemporaries, composer and band leader Mark worked at producing warm and melodic works.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the big sky

In the days before mass media,internet and globalisation you could easily tell what was dustbin material and what was for keeping in a safe.Kate Bush was and is even now (her latest album Aerial is a masterpiece) a case of an artist that stands out in a world surrounded by mediocracy.It's one of those rare cases that looks like as if god put his finger in the pot and stirred things a bit.For Kate's benefit ''god'' did a good job.It's quite hard to find an artist who has real concept behind almost every material he puts out in the market.In Kate Bush's work everything,from the lyrics to the videos and the choreography had a story to tell.Wuthering Heights,Babooshka,Running Up That Hill,Hounds Of Love are all fine exmples of how you can take culture and transform it into commercial success.Eclectic isnt' a word usually connected with sells but think that Kate Bush is maybe one of the most succesful artists the last 30 years.She had the voice the body and the wits to turn everything she touched into gold.Some people may find this funny but i always thought she was quite attractive too.Especially in Babooshka..Well taste is a very personal thing.It was quite hard to choose a song from her work.She produced almost every kind of music from classical to pop and new wave to folk.After some thought i chose a song from the Hounds Of Love album called Big Sky.The Hounds of Love is probably one the best albums ever and the track of the same name even got a cover by British indie rockers The Futureheads.Big Sky is jaw dropping track with tribal drums,a techno beat ,wailing guitars and loads of special Fx.All of this in 1985 by a woman about 5''3 feet tall.

Kate Bush-The Big Sky-Metereological Mix

Monday, September 8, 2008


Cosmo Vitelli’s Cliché record label back in 2007 released this 12''
by RUNAWAY called "She Did It For The Money"
On the b-side is "The Lorimer Stop" and it gets a little bit rocky
as it grows
with heavy basslines..
There's also a new release from them
Jacques Renault, Marcos Cabral
a.k.a RUNAWAY on Death From Abroad (D.F.A.) called
Brooklyn club jam check it now here http://www.myspace.com/rrrunaway

RUNAWAY - The Lorimer Stop

Devilish Fun

Amazing re-edit here with the one and only MAELSTROM
on Solardisco label.One of the secret weapons of Plaidmusic.
C.J. & Co. - Devil's Gun turns into the Devil's Fun.
check out the bassline...

C.J. & Co. vs Maelstrom - Devilish Fun (original tempo edit)

canadian club

In the early 70's Canadian Crooner Ginno Vannelli was considered to be America's answer to the Welsh dynamite known as Tom Jones.Well aprt from sharing a deep and heavy voice these two guys shared nothing in common.Gino was an all round artist whose releases where far more sophisticated than singing for coctail parties.In his albums you could find a mix from rock,jazz vocal,fusion or even disco in the early 80's.Recently i stumbled upon a track from his 1978 album Brother to Brother that blew me away on the first listen.The track of the same name is a bomb with guiter solos and drumming that leave you speechless.The frantic percussion is provided by top session player Manolo Badrena known from his work with Airto and Jaco Pastorious.Gino's outstanding voice runs over the music like the wind and the lyrics are quite hippy exploring universal love and people needing one another.Absolutely flawless.

Gino Vannelli-Brother To Brother

funky nassau

Guy Cuevas was a pivotal figure in the Parisian 80's club scene.He was the resident DJ of the " Le Palace Club''.Apart than his DJ duties he produced some notable records with the best being Obsession on Island records.The good part of the story is that on the knobs of the production mixer were the magic hands of dub or otherwise Francois Kevorkian.FK was always flirting and experimenting with the dub sound and you can find his name among many production credits of Island Records and other dub reggae labels.Even nowadays at his infamous Deep Space Nyc Parties he hosts dub records are always part of the playlists.Obsession's Nassau mix is one of the best productions of FK.He created a a sound that so vivid almost and fluid like that water running.The dubby effects and the percussion are massive and it makes the record qualify for the best dub disco record ever.Add some pseudo latin vocals(Guy Cuevas was Cuban in origin) and you have an unbeatable result.

Guy Cuevas-Obsession (Nassau Mix)

plaidmusic at yoga bala

I know we' been a bit lazy lately.Autumn doesn't seem to show up no matter how hard i pray.Athens is still hot hot hot.That alone is a reason to slow me down a bit.Slowly but steady things are starting to shape up though.Last weekend was really great and the clubbing season started with a really succesful event by Disco Pogo team and Eat Disco at Yoga Bala.The best way to kick off the week is to announce Plaidmusic's fisrt ever party at the same venue next Saturday.I really can't hide my excitement about it.Plaidmusic has been around for about three months now and it's nice to see that it appealed to so many people out there.I hope that our effort will start shaping a new musical approach and more people can get in touch with Plaidmusic stands for.So i just hope to see some of you in 5 days.Until then some new posts are coming your way to keep you happy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

the night moved on

After some requests i got,this is the playlist of ''The night moves on'' mix.

1.Jean Luc Ponty-Computer Incarnations For A World Peace
2.Dolle Jolle-Balearic Incanations-Todd Terje Mix
3.Lindstrom-Take The LOng Way Home
4.Al Usher-Here Today
5.Badly Drawn Boy-Promises-Mountain Of One Instrumental Version
6.Lilac Time-Dreaming-Hypnotone Mix
7.Marcello Giombani-Gemini
8.Taco-My Kind Of Woman
9.Gypsy-Funk DE Fino
10.Kerri Chandler-Get It Off
11.Donna Allen-Real-Morales Club Mix
12.Zatoichi OST-Kagura
13.STP-Future Flashback
14.Alexander Robotnick-Dance Boy Dance
15-Johnny Hammond-Fantasy-Faze Action Special Disco Mix

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

whatever we want records

Track of the month!!!!
From Whatever We Want Records
"Here comes the heads" Thomas Bullock and Eddie Ruscha.
The Laughing Light Of Plenty ..takes you on a journey with a ROSE

The Laughing Light Of Plenty - The Rose (WWWR)

Monday, September 1, 2008

images repeating ...endlessly

Kuniyuki Takahashi is a sound designer and producer who is based and works in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. In 1994, he started his solo musical career. In 1997, as FRR HIVE, he released a mini album which was released on CD and 12INCH from the BASSMENTAL label. And in 1998, he had been participated in the RAINBOW 2000 outdoor festival in Japan, as a member of HOSONO HARUOMI(YMO) group.

In 2000, as Kuni, he released a track which was included on Dego of 4 Hero's, 2000 BLACK label called "THE GOOD GOOD" compilation. In 2001, as KOSS, he has released his full-length album out of soundofspeed and as Kuni, he released a12inch EP from Lifeline Records.

Kuni also remixed ANANDA PROJECT's track, "Cascades of Colour", which was included in the Ananda Project Remix Album titled, Re-Release out of King Street Sounds. In 2002, as Kuniyuki, he just released a 12inch EP called "Precious Hall", out of Natural Resource, a division of Joe Claussell's Spiritual Life Music label. As KOSS, he released his 1st LIVE album CD through soundofspeed.

He is no doubt one of Japan's best kept secrets. International DJ's such as Joe Claussell, Dego, DJ Cosmo, Jimpster to name but a few, have been falling over themselves when they heard his produced tracks. Now, some of them have been releasing his works through their own labels. He has also been working closely with the soundofspeed crew over the past few years and releasing hisworks on their own label and performing live with them in their famed parties which are held regularly in Tokyo and sometimes in parties such as the Big Chill and in excursions to Austria and Europe. Check out the ever-consistent and surprisingly prolific producer out of Sapporo.

all time classic 10 by Kuniyuki Takahashi

1 Vangelis / L'Apocalypse Des Animaux side B
2 Peter gabriel / Passion
3 Pat Metheny&lyle mays / So falls wichita falls
4 Edfar froese / Epsilon in Malaysian Pale
5 Aretha Franklin / Amazing Grace
6 Brian eno / Onland
7 Donald Byrd / Fancy Free
8 Eberhard Weber / The Following Morning
9 Djabote / Doudou N'Diaye Rose
10 Mccoy Tyner / Fly With The Wind

A Mountain Of One did a wonderful touching remix here.

KUNIYUKI - TOUCH {a mountain of one peyote remix}


This is the second part of the Alec R Costandinos special i promised.And this time he is in full party mode with his stomper Americana from the same titled album 1981 LP.

Alec R Costandinos-Americana