Wednesday, December 30, 2009

lost in translation

I guess i'm one of those people that make silly lists about everything(like the High Fidelity guy),so i couldn't help but to post some of the things i loved this year and the decade that is going away.More like a random collection of things that had an influence in my life.To be honest there are so many things i will leave out or neglect to mention but that's how it works.So these are some of the things that come in my mind without having to think really hard.2009 was a really good year for our blog,we made some new friends and expanded our horizons.We want to wish you all a happy new year full of happiness.Thanks to anyone who has been following or commented on this blog.Thanks to anyone who has given us the chance to raise our voice and last but not least to all my friends and family that are a true life inspiration.

Best Singles Of 2009

1.House Of House-Rough Half
2.Jonathan Jeremiah-Happiness(Quiet Village mix)
3.Shit Robot-Simple Things(Todd Terje mix)
4.Capracapra-King Of the Witches
5.Washed Out-Belong-
6.Bastilla-Ghosts-(Time And Space Machine Mix)
7.Ronny&Renzo-Me My Self Good
8.The Horrors-Sea Within The Sea
9.The Whitest Boy Alive-Islands
10.Aliens-Sunlamp Show-Disco Bloodbath Mix
11.Holy Ghost-I Will Come Back
12.The Stallions-The Stallions Suite
13.Golden Silvers-True Romance
14.Still Going-Spaghetti Circus
15.LCD Soundsystem-45:33 Prince Language MIx

Best Albums Of 2009
1.Horrors-Primary Colors
2.Washed Out-High Times
3.Andrew Weatherall-A Pox On the Pioneers
4.The XX-XX
5.Zombi-Spirit Animal
6.Smith Mudd-Le Suivant
7.Coyote-Harlyn Bay
8.Time and Space Machine-Volume 2
9.Animal Collective-Merriweather Post Pavilion
10.Meanderthals-Desire Lines

Best Sites Of 2009

Best Music Of The Decade


1.The Streets-Weak Become Heroes
2.Metro Area-Caught Up
3.Sebastian Tellier-La Ritournelle
5.Findlay Brown-Losing The Will to Survive-BTWS Mix
6.Gorilaz-Dare(DFA MIx)
7.Hot Chip-My Piano
8.Quentin Harris-Let's Be Young
9.LCD Soundsystem-All My Friends
11.Arcade Fire-Neighborhood 1
12.Lindstrom-I Feel Space
13.Blur-Out Of Time
14.Death In Vegas-Hands Around My Throat
16.Avalanches-Since i Left You
17.Strokes-Modern Age
18.Adam Green-Dance With me
19.Pepe Bradock-Life
20.Gus Gus-I Still Have Last Night In My Body-King Britt Underwater Mix
21.Tom Vek-I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes
22.Belle Sebastian-Lazy Painter Jane
23.Still Going-Still Going Theme
24.!!!-Take Ecstasy With Me
25.Of Montreal-The Past Is a Grotesque Animal
26.Laughing Light Of Plenty-The Rose
27.Daft Punk-One More Time
28.Spiritualized-Stop Your Crying
30.Arctic Monkeys-I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor
31.Jose Gonzalez-Killing For Love-Todd Terje Mix
32.The Knife-Heartbeats
33.Glasvegas-Daddy's Gone
34.Tv On The Radio-Staring at The Sun
35.Hercules And Love Affair-Blind
35.Devendra Banhart-Now That I Know
36-Rapture-House Of Jealous Lovers
37.Afefe Iku-Mirror Dance
38.Kem-Heaven-Scott Wozniak Mix
41.Louie Vega-Circa De Mi
42.Primal Scream-Uptown Weatheall Mix
43.U.F.O-Listen Love
44.Blaze-Gloria's Muse
45.Paul Jackson-The Push
47.Dubtribe Soundsystem-Do It Now
48.Todd Terje-Italian Stallion
50.Doves-Here It Comes

1.Death In Vegas-Scorpio Rising
2.Midlake-The Trials Of Van Occupanther
3.Arcade Fire-Funeral
4.Beth Gibbons And Rusty Man-Out Of Season
5.Aliens-Astronomy For Dogs
6.Underworld-Oblivion With Bells
7.The Streets-Original Pirate Material
8.Strokes-Is This It
9.Arctic Monkeys-Whatever People Say That's What I'm Not
10.LCD-Soundsystem-Sound Of Silver
11.Studio-West Coast
12.Quiet Village-Silent Movie
13.!!!.Louden UP
14.Lindstrom/Prins Thomas-Lindstrom/Prins Thomas
15.Doves-Lost Souls
16.Hot Chip-Coming On Strong
20.Hatcback-Colors Of The Sun
21.Long Blondes-Someone to Drive You Home
22.Bjorn Torkse-Feil Knapp
23.Primal Scream-Kill All Hippies
26.Herbert-Bodily Functions
27.Radiohead-In Rainbows
29.Interpol-Turn On The Bright Lights
30.The Knife-Silent Shout

Best Mix LP
Harvey Sarcastic Disco 2


1.In The Mood For Love
2.Lost In Translation
3.Old Boy
4.The Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind
5.Hable Con Ella
6.Donnie Darko
7.Mulholland Drive
8.24 hour Party People
9.Being John Malcovitch
10.Goodbye Lenin

*best ''not'' porn film
9 songs

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Well Christmas is once again upon us.One of the best times of the year(at least for me it is),where you get the chance to spend a little more time with people you love,eat some tasty real food,and get to spend some extra cash on things of your choice.The message of these time for me is love.So give everybody a break like you mean it.Smile a bit more,hug your friends even if it seems awkward and give the people you hate a chance to prove they are not that crappy after all.This is a mini mix i put down tonight since i was in that festivity mood.Wish you all the best for this Christmas.Thanks to everyone who has been a friend this year and supported in any possible way.I will be back after Christmas with some lists of what we loved in the year 2009 and the resolutions and wished for the new one to come.Happy Noel!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

roast chestnuts

This is a new mix i made for my favourite site NONCOLLECTIVE that's quite suitable for a night by the fireplace with good friends,some laphroig,and some chestnuts roasting in the fire.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Heading home with the perfect Christmas tree!

Amazing instrumental xmas track
from Marvin.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FAC 51 B

Limited edition of 4400 given away at the Haçienda
on Christmas Eve 1982.The label bears the message:

Track titles are not printed on the record,
but they are commonly referred to using the titles below.
"Rocking Carol" is also known as "We Will Rock You".

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

touch yello

Heartbreaking track of the day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

new york-manchester-belgium

It's quite impossible for me not yield to the temptation of posting quite more than enough stuff related in one or more ways with the Factory label.Playgroup were a new York electro group that produced only this single produced by the infamous Latin Rascals.Well the connection to Factory records is that Euphoria got to be released on the Benelux branch of the label.Sounding like an overseas version of New Order,Euphoria just stunning.The pic is from a great site called Cerysmatic Factory which is probably the best resource on the web for info,pictures,news and memorabilia from the Factory label.


This could have easily been a ''northern anthem'' if only Colourbox were a band that hailed from manchester.In any case Colourbox were a band that was never associated with the manchester scene in any kind of way but i just thought this track would fit in the mood of our northern special that i have been focusing lately.Nevertheless they were a phenomenal group that tempered with the boundaries of genres to an extent that didn't allow anyone to put a tag under their sound.From the electro funk triumph which is the first version of ''Breakdown'' to the heavy dub style of ''Baby I love You So'' and the crooner anthem ''Say You'',Colourbox were more than your typical new wave band.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

looking life through the pouring rain

Continuing on out ''north'' documentary,which in fact tends to be a Factory records special,this is another piece of mancunian melancholy.This time it's Crispy Ambulance,a post punk outfit that recorded some great stuff on Factory. took this picture in a great bookstore near Euston square last Wednesday.This is a limited signed copy of Kevin Cummins photographic archive of the Manchester scene.If you haven't checked out his work do so.You can find cheaper copies of this book(this one in particular cost 250 euro) at Amazon,and make your self or your friends a nice christmas present.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

for k

This pic was taken on my latest trip to Scotland.Sometimes trees carry this certain feel of serenity about them,it almost feels as they gonna be standing there forever without moving a bit even if the world around them is turning,even if we if we get born and die everyday.This track is by band that recorded for the Creation label.Their LP called Inference is a masterpiece of electronics,symphonic pop,folk and ambient noises.This is a record that sounds really balearic to my ears.This is Mineral,a weightless little piece of music that goes nicely with the image of the ''immortal'' trees of the Scottish highlands.

algerian factory

Either you believe it or not this oriental tune that should appeal to hardcore balearic fans,was released on Factory records.Perhaps the weirdest record to be released of the manchester label,maybe as an attempt to lure audiences that were into ethnic world music.The single flopped without selling a single copy at the time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Must Be Built

Hacienda is a Spanish word for an estate.
Some haciendas were plantations, mines,
or even business factories.
Manchester's estate
Atahualpa - La Furia Y eL Condor (furia mix)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

you can stay

Future sunset classic from the 2nd L.P.
called ''Power'' by Barrabas.
Dreamy downtempo Balearic funk.

Barrabas - time to love

A B C (Another Balearic Classic)

Favorite Balearic track of the month

"You are now looking at the second A.B.C.
recording. The A side is a song called "Poison
Arrow" torn from the events of my personal life
away from the glare of publicity. Many of you out
there may think standing in the spotlight brings
many rewards. But let me tell you, the fruits of fame
can be sour and I too have my private moments.
However it is my duty and privilege to share some
of these experiences with you.
Love's Ammunition, A Poison Arrow or the pain
received at the hands of Cupid. But then again - a
love affair without a broken heart? Like making an
omelette without breaking an egg.
The flip-side houses "Theme from Man Trap," the
result of a late night spent with my producer Trevor
Horn and piano accompanist.
Our first disc registered strongly in the
popularity charts but none of this woould have been
possible without you, the discerning customer.
I hope you enjoy this record as much as we
enjoyed making it. Be young. Be foolish. Be
Yours sincerely,
Martin Fry"

ABC - Poison Arrow (Lounge mix)