Friday, October 31, 2008

hold up

Humble Beginnings

Despite his success in the film world, however,
Louis soon chose to return to his first love, music.
And in 1973 he went into the studio to record his début album,
modestly entitled "Balbutiements" (Humble Beginnings).
Yet Louis's music career failed to take off immediately.
Indeed, the young singer would have to struggle for several years
before gaining any kind of recognition on the French music scene.
But Louis persevered, returning to the studio in 1975
to record a 2nd album which included a song called "Hold up".
(Ironically enough, Louis's new version of "Hold up",
recorded more than ten years later, would score a major hit
with the French public and the "Hold up" video would also cause
a huge stir in the music world). But for the time being Louis Chédid's
2nd album failed to make any major impact on the French music scene
& after completing the album, Louis went back to earning his living
by writing music for television ads.

Louis Chedid - hold up


Let me take you back to a time when musicians
played real instruments and disco records had
proper orchestras.
Classic sound and futuristic attitude.

Maxx Maan - bloody and blue (instr.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This picture was taken last year whilst driving on a british highway,somewhere on my way to Leeds.I was trying to find a picture for this post and i thought that this was appropriate because it causes feelings quite in the same way that the track that follows does.Last year London label This Is Not An Exit released a track called ''White Diamond" produced somewhere in California.If someone asked me to say some words about this record i would be quite in a tight spot.To be honest it's one record that's not intended only to hit your ears but your whole system.It's a record you gasp with every part of your emotions and leaves you wanting for more and more.It's not a piece of music you can just label or put under a genre.It just wouldn't do this record any justice calling it balearic,cosmic disco or whatever else comes in your mind.Close your eyes and have a listen and think of someone or something you love.Believe me it will make your day.If it doesn't then i don't know what will.Do your self a favour and go and buy this record.The only reason i posted it was beacause i wanted to share this feeling.If you do buy the record it comes with an epic version of the track by Prins Thomas that goes on and on and on and for 17 glorious minutes.Amazing amazing amazing.

Hatchback - white diamond original

Monday, October 27, 2008

So the time for our second coming is finally nearly upon us.Once again Yoga Bala is hosting our efforts for making obscure music into wannabe classics.After all i think that was our point in the first place.Trying to make people dance with music the normally wouldn't.In my most optimistic moments i even thought that we could make some people fall in love with those tunes,they we do, and then would everyone dance as a happy family.I never expected this thing going massive and judging from the amount of people that visit this blog in our homeland then i don't have reasons for being too happy.Guess what though.I'm not a person who gives up quite easily so in the next few months we will try and improve this blog in any way possible,starting with some new installments which are gonna be some interviews with people we like,articles about new records,and even more articles about whatever comes into our mind.Plus we are gonna make our parties more attracting with some guests that you are going to love.So i hope to see some of you this Saturday,exchange a smile and dance out hearts out like we did sometime ago at the same place.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

two light ales please...

Meat is murder brilliantly embraced funk,pop,folk,psychedelia
and ever touches of heavy metal to maximize its appeal.
The clarity of production and noticeable improvement in Morrissey's
vocal style immediately impressed.
The real key to the albums success however ,lay in the combined
contributions of all 4 members .
Rourke's lengthy funk interlude on "Barbarism starts at home"
brought an unexpected musical influence to the familiar Smiths sound,
while Joyce was given a freedom of expression all to frequently denied
on the first album.
Marr's timely development as a producer and arranger coincided with
an even keener appreciation op pop melody that always starling.
One of my favorite bands ever with a wonderful edit here from Allez Allez.

The Smiths - Barbarism starts at home (Allez edit)

always good friends

A funky fusion classic from guitarist Wah Wah Watson -"Good friends"
His only album as a leader, despite countless appearances as a sideman
on 70s soul, jazz, and pop sessions! The album's got a really wonderful sort of west coast groove one that takes bits of spacey fusion, bassy funk, and mellower soul and wraps them up with a fresh and imaginative approach, not to mention plenty of wah wah work on guitar!
Players on the set are a superstar array of the best talents in Watson's field and include Bennie Maupin, Herbie Hancock, Dave Grusin, Joe Sample, and The Waters,
who sing vocals on a few cuts. The set includes the killer instrumental "Bubbles",
one of our favorite mellow grooves ever plus the tracks "Goo Goo Wah Wah", "My Love For You Comes & Goes", "Good Friends", "Love Ain't Somethin", and "Sunset Boulevard".

Waw Wah Watson - Good friends

across the moon

This fictitious studio group was masterminded by Richard A. Hewson (b. 17 November 1943, Stockton-on-Tees, Teeside, England). In the late 60s arranger, conductor and multi-instrumentalist Hewson worked with James Taylor and Herbie Hancock and arranged hits such as the Beatles "The Long And Winding Road' and Mary Hopkins" "Those Were The Days".

His fame as an arranger spread and in the next decade he worked with artists including Supertramp, Diana Ross, Carly Simon, Art Garfunkel, Leo Sayer, Al Stewart, Chris DeBurgh, Fleetwood Mac and Chris Rea.
In 1976 he decided to produce, write and play on his own records under the name RAH Band.
In 1977 the instrumental "The Crunch" on Good Earth climbed into the UK Top 10.
Three years later "Falcon" hit the Top 40 and started a long string of dance hits for the band.
In 1985 "Clouds Across The Moon', with vocals by his wife Liz, gave him a second Top 10 single.

From The Crunch & Beyond L.P. here's "Beyond"

The Rah Band - Beyond

dance or die

Was (Not Was) plays contemporary R&B dance music, with lyrics that range from the satiric to the bizarre. The group is led by Detroit-natives(David Was), who plays flute and writes those lyrics, and Don Fagenson , who plays bass and writes music, but the group is fronted by singers Harry Bowens and Sweet Pea Atkinson.
Here is another favorite secret weapon called "dance or die" from Sweet Pea Atkinson
Sweet Pea released a solo LP called, "Don't Walk Away".

Sweat Pea Atkinson - Dance or die

secret weapons

This track is one of my secret weapons.
one of my favorite instrumental disco tracks
"Need your love" it's from T. Sadler And here's the edit
of D.Bastedos .

Tony Sadler - need your love (bastedos edit)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


If you like George Duke's classic "Feel" you will definitely gonna love this one.Coming from Duke's Reach For It LP ''Just For You'' is a sensual cut of cosmic jazz with amazing vocals and spaced out keyboards.A perfect love song for your Saturday night romance.Check Reach For It for other gems such as ''Diamonds'' with a top rhythm section setting the groove with top conga man Manolo Badrena once again handling the percussion madness.

George Duke - just for you

chromatics or glass candy??

So this is a trick you can play your friends.Put this track on and tell them it's the new Chromatic's single.They'll definitely fall for this.Then tell them that this was produced by a French guy in 1981 under the name Captain Mustard.Under that name was hiding the mysterious electronic wizard Mr Frederic Mercier whose really hard to find LP's Pacific and Music From France are two of the definitive in early electronic music.Spirit is probably one of his best known tracks and a cosmic masterpiece in it's own right.Check Sci-Fi blogspot for a great re edit on Station 713 by Ajello.And if you are lucky enough and carry enough cash in your pockets you can be a proud owner of his records.

Captain Mustard - Quiet move

Friday, October 24, 2008

balearic kitch

I think this man looks like lady d..Andrew nice outfit..Luckily the song is simply amazing..

balearic bliss

Steve Mcqueen is probably one of my favourite albums ever and this is probably one of the best "balearic" songs ever.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I wanna rock

Being son of a Bollywood star and producer of some of the best Disco jams is quite an intriguing to be introduced.Paul Sabu was on the most profilic producers of the disco era,producing a sound with a unique rock feeling to it.He is credited with numerous hits as Debbie Jacobs Undercover Lover or Ann Margret's epic dancer Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes (one of my all time favourites).His personal outings consisted of a handfull of singles and an LP named simply Sabu.''We Are Gonna Rock'' is one of the highlights in his career and a good example of what amount of damage strings and guitars can do on a dancefloor.
Sabu - We're gonna rock

night drive playlist

1.Smoab-Still Waiting
2.G.B and The Tracks-My Kind Of Woman-edit
3.Beat Broker-Warriors In Space
4.Todd Terje-Italian Stallion
5.Laura Greene-Manhattan-Lexx Edit
6.Supermax-It Aint' Easy
7.Thin Lizzy-The Sun Goes Down
8.Force Of Nature-Kontinents
9.Tina Turner-Lets' Stay Together-The Revenge Rework
10.Soft Rocks-Midnight Drive
11.Frederik Mercier-Spirit
12.Lovelock-Don't turn Away(from my love)
13.Propaganda-A dream Within A Dream

Monday, October 20, 2008

perfect angel

This one is one the sexiest song ever.Minnie's voice is incredible.
Micheal Sembello riding that guitar with everything else.
When Minnie sings you feel your insides rush and quiver.
It's hard to,believe how incredibly high and beautiful Minnie can sing.
Sometimes I just lay back & try to imagine how sweet her soul must be.
The song is about lost love,broken hearts,sex,and unrequited love.
Thank you for your music, Minnie... a gift of love for all the world to see...

Minne Ripperton - Every time he comes around

Sunday, October 19, 2008


To put it in words
To write it down
That is walking on hallowed ground
But its my duty
Im a missionary..

One of the bands that not only dominated the charts for most of the 80s,
but they also typified the type of music that will be looked back on as 'the sound of the 80s'. Their sometimes Germanic electronic pop became softer on this album. They were becoming more of a band, and they were 'rockin', just a little. Keyboards still dominated but the melody seemed less regimented. Vocalist Dave Gahan excelled, as his voice grew in power.
In a year or two they would become stadium rock stars, and change forever.
Sacred is one of my favorite tracks from Depeche Mode.
Taken from Music from the masses.

Depeche Mode - Sacred

dog music

This next post goes to Ilya Santana
From Analogic Mind 12'' released by Disciple Of Groove label .
Here comes analogic beats .Founded in 2006 by José Luis López Salvatella.
Disciple Of Groove focuses on deephouse but is open to other
sounds like nu & space disco, cosmic atmosphere infected
beats and all kinds soulful grooves.

Ilya Santana - analogic beats

now dance 17

1.John Daly - Atlantis
2.Camaro's Gang - Fuenza major (Tensnake remix)
3.Stateless - Bloodstream (Pilooski remix)
4.Junior Boys - fm (Tensnake remix)
5.Ane Brun - headphone silence (Henrik Schwarz mix)
6.Luke Solomon - people places thoughts and faces
7.Runaway - brooklyn jam club (l.s.b. remix)
8.Justus Kohncke - advance (prins thomas mix)
9.LCD Soundsystem - tribulations (Lindstrom mix)
10.Ajello - over the sky (Reverso 68 remix)
11.Mark Knight & Funkagenda - man with the red face ( mix)
12.Michoacan - she's sent "heaven" ( Fabrizio Mamarella mix)
13.Panthers - goblin city (Holy Ghost remix)
14.Faze Action - disco warrior (special disco version )
15.Freddie Mercury - love kills (the Glimmers remix)
16.Metronomy - heartbreaker (Diskjokke remix)
17.Gavin Froome - sunsets

A new mix for me to you with some new stuff and some older classics

4 the dancefloor mix

Saturday, October 18, 2008

night drive back again

After Z Share flopped big time,we are back again using another host.So Night Drive mix is again available.My apologies for all this time wasted.I just hope the older posts can be downloadable sometime again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

night drive

This is a new mix i made last night during the early hours.Once again i'm gonna play cheap little tricks on you, so i'm not gonna post the playlist now.You know it always comes a bit later on.Im a traditional and reliable guy.You must know that by now.

Monday, October 13, 2008


So here is Traffic following that Steve Winwood post.I know most of you must be feeling quite bored with all this rock material we are posting on the blog lately, but i think it would be a good installment to take a futher look into some neglected masterpieces that surely can take down most of the new disco,new balearic or new whatever releases that sell like hotcakes this time of the year.Traffic were a band that produced some amazing records but never made a succesful single.Most of their LP are filled with top qualityt tracks like the one im posting today.Their mixture of jazz and rock was an unbeatble combination that produced classic albums like their self titled second LP,the outstanding John Barleycorn Must Die,The live LP On The Road(considered to be one of the best LP's ever), or even their last output as a band called When The Eagle Flies which qualifies for the rather overused term cosmic.Maybe they are not your standard dance along group but who said music is all about dancing.

Traffic-Dream Gerrad

Sunday, October 12, 2008

get on the night train

This is the first part of todays reference to one of the most charismatic figures in the international music scene."He is a man that needed some lovin".Steve Winwood mainly through his band Traffic put out some reference jazz influenced rock material that leaned on the extroardinary music skills of his and his band.Moving ages forward from the Spencer Davies Group sound he evolved into a jazz rock zealot.His solo work wasn't that outsatanding or remarkable but his album Arc Of A Diver is winner LP.We have posted the track Spanish Dancer from that record on our blog sometime ago.This time my choice is another great track called Night Train.What is really interesting is Winwood's contribution to the prog supergroup Go which included Michael Shrieve and Klaus Schulze.If you think that Steve Winwood's is only about Gimme Some Lovin, or louzy 80's material like Higher Love,well you should have second thoughts and here is a good start.

Steve Winwood-Night Train

Thursday, October 9, 2008


German electro outfit Propagnda released a seminal LP of contemporary European electronic music in 1985 and wrote history by only doing so.Their whole political and artistic approach was very true to their name.Their second single p:machinery was withdrawn from the market soon after it's release in Germany as the single's sleeve was praising the German terrorist group "Red Faction Army''.If you stick to the music Propaganda were the bastard childs of Throbbing Gristle,Kraftwerk and Abba as they combined industrial sound with pure pop esthetics.Controversy within the band led to an early split.The band reformed in 1990 making a quite good second album of catchy synth pop but synths were a thing of the 80's and the album flopped comercially.

Propaganda-Echo Of The Frozen Faces

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

spaze iz the plaze

space is the place mixtape

1.eddie harris - space commercial
2.mike francis - survivor
3.odessa - polar interusion
4.gerry williams - gone
5.daniele patucchi - beyond the sky
6.the diaphanoids - whoops wrong planet
7.ken tabiasso - save the planet (Autobach edit)
8.fontan - early morning(version by Studio)
9.california music- california music
10.supermax - spooky
11.the time & space machine - buffalo roam
12.arthur russell - this is how we walk to the moon
13.jeff waybe - the artillerymen & the fighting machine
15.dogs of war - space conqueror

some of my favorite non dance records this month.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

melodramatic popular song

Lovelock sounds like : porn,synths,energy,driving guitars
pure beauty,
He's exactly what the french west coasters are all about.
Yacht rock will be more than just an inside joke after all.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

The guy that created a buzz around his name with Discopolis around 2 years ago is coming our way tomorrow as a guest for the Disco Pogo team.A right on time move for the restless Flying Lilis brothers as his remix for Metronomy's heartbreaker is getting rather hyped.The event is hosted by Outro at Yoga Bala so watch out cause all the events with their name involved are top quality.If you are into a more hard egded electro sound then the latest Flying Lilis brothers and Disco Pogo trademark mix is hosted here as an appetiser to get a taste of their sound.


1. Ready For The Floor - Hot Chip (intro)
2. The Dull Flame Of Desire - BJORK feat. Antony (Modeselector Remix for Girls)
3. Heartbreaker - METRONOMY (Kris Menace remix)
4.Roar - Patrice Baumel
5.Kids - MGMT (Soulwax Nite Version)
6.My Love Needs You - Beni
7.We Are Rockstars - Does It Offend You Yeah?
8. Stuck On Repeat - Little Boots (FAKE BLOOD remix)
9. Hey Boy, Hey Girl - Chemical Brothers (2Manydjs remix)
10. Stress - JUSTICE
11. Business Acumen - In Flagranti
12. Plastic Dreams - Jay dee
13.Shake It Down - A-Trak Vs Laidback Luke
14.Cross The Dancefloor - Treasure Fingers (Laidback Luke remix)
15. Shadows - Midnight Juggernauts
16. Pogo - DIGITALISM (Shinichi Osawa remix)
17. Kelly - Van She
18. Together In Electric Dreams - The Human League.


Like father like son.I remeber this song from back when it was released.I was just a grunge kid at the time.The year was 1994 and a greek channel called Seven X was playing this all day long.It was like magic.It still is to be honest.I think im dealing a lot with dead people lately.Midlife crisis symptoms.Anyway Jeff Buckley was a godlike figure with a voice suited for angels.Hallelujah