Friday, June 26, 2009

the sound of someone you love who's going away but it doesnt' matter

This is a rather weird mix or to be honest it's not a mix at all.I was looking forward to putting down a balearic mix for quite some time now but what i came up with after all doesn't sound really balearic after all.Maybe that's a good thing after all.So what you get in this is two hours of roughly mixed music,no beat-matching,some melancholy,some folk,some house,and some classical stuff.Probably this sounds better with hint of a night breeze on an island terrace under billions of stars covering the summer sky.

1.Michael Nyman-Nadia
2.Vladimir Cosma-Sentimental Walk
3.Seigen Ono-Julia
4.Penguin Cafe Orchestra-The Sound Of Someone Who's Walking Away But It Doesn't Matter
5.Pat Metheny-Sueno Con Mexico
6.Gordon Lightfoot-Beautiful
8.Nick Drake-River Man
9.Marden Hill-Bardot
10.Warp 69-Natural High
11.Terre Thaemlitz-Raw Through Straw
12.Saint Etienne-Stoned To Say The Least
13.Bobby Konders-The Future
14.Larry Heard-The Dance Of Planet X
15.Womack And Womack-Conscious of My Conscience
16.Vincent Floyd-Get Up
18.Brian Eno And Harold Budd-A Stream of Bright Fish
19.Cantoma-The Call-Banzai Republic Mix
20.Propaganda-Dream Within A Dream
21.Steve Winwood-In The Light Of Day


MondoCo said...

Please checkout my new blog- aim to post tracks along the lines of:
credible dance, house, disco, nu-disco, edits, mashups, cover versions, chillout,world music- african and french in particular, balearica, indie crossover (can't think of better description at present- help?)and techno.

Going to take a while to get on my feet but would appreciate your support and any advice from yourself and your loyal readers.

dau-al-set said...

loving this. no tracklist? :(

plaid said...

thanks!tracklisting is just around the corner!

Arthit said...

my girlfriend loves this mix particularly. that is a good thing i'm pretty sure!

Marquez Ill said...

thank you!

A Driver Under Influence said...

this should be perfect for evening summer storms.
and the peace that follows