Wednesday, June 3, 2009

anglo italian

This is a song i 've been meaning to post on the block ages ago but somehow always escaped my intention.Not your usual balearic cut but after all it's quite a bummer deciding on what is balearic and not.This is result of a british hammond legend trying his luck on the 80's Italo scene wit ha track produced and made in Italy.Brian Auger needs no introduction i guess.One of the most gifted keyboard players to have walked this earth he is an iconic figure in modern music.Brian had flirted with Italy in his younger days as a mod with tracks like Gatto Nerro which was an italian version of his big hit Black Cat.Night Train To Nowhere is nothing less than what you would expect from such a charismatic music figure.Probably one of the best Italo singles ever even though produced by an English man.Check You Tube for a ''live'' version of the track recorded probably for Italian TV where Brian is trying too hard to look cool while some girls are lip singing behind him.Great!!

Brian Auger - night train to nowhere

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Arthit said...

For some reasons, it flashes me to the first time I saw Luc Besson's "Leon" more than 10 years ago!