Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mediterranean Beat

June is coming to an end and so is our balearic special tribute.That doesn't mean we are not gonna be posting some of our favourite balearic gems within the next months though.We just need to focus on some other stuff that deserve your attention.Sinve we are going through the last days of June and i don't have that much time left i thought it would be cool to make one more mix so i can include all the balearic classics i was meaning to post.This the way music sounds in this part of the world where the mediterranean sea meets the sand and the sun bathes the white houses in a golden glow.This is my piece of heaven on earth and this is it's sound.I wish you all a very balearic summer!

1.Megabyte-My Father Was A Teacher

2.Unknown Cases-Masimba Bele

3.Ottmar Liebert-Duende Del Amor

4.Jose Padilla-Close To You

5.Gipsy Kings-Inspiration

6.Belen Thomas-Survivor

7.Electra-Autumn Love

8.Kissing the Pink-Big Man Restless

9.La Banderita-Mediterranea

10.Mike Francis-Features Of Love-Apiento Edit

11.Byron-Too Much

12.Mandre-Solar Flight

13.Johnny Chingas-Phone Home-Instrumental

14.Jorge Ben-Oe Oe Faz o Corro De Boi NA Estrada

15.Mandy Smith-Mandy's Theme-Cool And Breezy Mix

16.Baffa-Piano On

17.Sure Beats Workin'-Beats Workin'

18.Simply Red-Something's Got Me Started-Steve Silk Hurley Mix

19.Limos-The Night Goes On-Extended Raya Mix

18.Roach Motel-The Night-Dark Mix

19.Weekender-Sunday Session

20.Loui$-Pink Footpath

21.Between the Sheets-Congo

22.Chris Rea-I Can Hear Your Heartbeat


Luke said...

Great Mix! Could you possibly tell me the artist for "The Night Moves On" track that hits at 1:41:18? I remember hearing that track a number of years ago, but this is a remixed version or something. Thanks.

plaid said...

hey!thanks for the kind comment!The track you are asking for is Limos-The Night Moves On-Extended Raya Vocal Mix.Full tracklisting will be up in a few days.

Geeley said...

great blog, and great mix! viva balearico. just one correctio:n the Ben Jor track is Carro and not Corro