Thursday, June 4, 2009

Driving instructor to the white island

Back in the days the party manifesto was
"If it feels good ,play it''
This open music policy and a certain amount
of ''credible'' dance remixes of rock.pop,indie
and some otherwise extremely mediocre AOR
artist gave the Balearic vinyl a wider range of appeal
and collectability than any other area of dance music.

BUT,because Balearic was a vibe rather than a specific
style of music,it's very easy for some tunes to be passed off
to gullible punters as classics of the genre.

BEFORE you part with cash,make sure that obscure
Curiosity Killed The Cat instrumental b-side was
played somewhere a bit more fashionable than the
Dog & Trumpet in Croydon.
One man's Balearic is another man's Bon Jovi.
The following Balearic tunes from that era
is from The Grid.

THE GRID - Driving instructor

THE GRID - Face the sun

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