Sunday, June 14, 2009

June's ''B'' mix

This mix sums up a summertime parallel universe.
One where the people are smart,where the music
trips off the decks into glasses of cold beer & nights are warm.
A small piece of heaven condensed into a mix the summer
months were made for.
By the time you ''reach the beach''you've already
entered the warm zone,
where stuff just ''feels right''
and everything in the world is,well,okay.

1.Earth Wind & Fire - The drum song (edit)
2.Coyote - Layback (Windsurf remix)
3.The Egg - Venice beach dub
4.V.R.S. - Aqua marine
5.Cantoma - Moonsmith ft The Spanish Choir From Istanbul
6.David A. Steward ft Candy Dulfer - Lily was here ((Space Centre Medical Unit Hum)
7.Bastila - ghosts (Time and space machine summer of love mix)
8.Banda Sonora - Guitara G (Afterlife remix)
9.Dubstar - Elevator song (Biff And Memphis mix)
10.Peter Gabriel - Don't break this rhythm
11. Mike Oldfield Featuring Jon Anderson - In high places
12.Chris Harwood - Wooden ships
13.Minako Yoshida - Tornado
14.Hiroshima - Da Da
15.Yukihiro Takahashi - Drip dry eyes
16.The Fixx - Reach the beach (live version)
17.Richard Schneider Jr - Hello beach-girls
18.Dutch Rhythm Combo - Cartagenera (Ray Mang remix)
19.Fazed Idjuts ft Sally Rogers - Dust of life (Swoop edit)
20.Karen Ramirez - Troubled girl (Spanish version)
21.Happy Mondays - W.F.L. 'Think About The Future' (The Paul Oakenfold Mix)
22.St.Etienne -Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix In Two Halves)

June's ''B'' mix


Same Desire said...

Me likey mucho!!
Summer , summer's here!

Arthit said...

Heart melting mix! Loved the Dubstar bit.

Arthit said...

any luck telling me which Minako Yoshida album has "Tornado" on?

plaid said...

Minako Yoshida - Monochrome(MHCL-413)
mini L.P. (Japan import)1980

Arthit said...

Ordering a CD from Japan now! Cheers!!

Arthit said...

Still coming back to this mix! Still amazing! Oh i just got the Minako Yoshida mini CD a few days ago! First i asked a Jap friend to pick it up but she's busy so online ordering eventually!

plaidmusic said...

thanks once again.
you are big in japan
you are big in the world and
biggest well rounded music lover.