Thursday, June 18, 2009

dancing the night away

David Drake says
"It's there a greater joy in life than total immersion of feeling,
losing yourself completely and pushing aside all cynicism
and self-consciousness?''

It's why you drink, dance, and throw yourself into a vast,
unknowable nightlife despite the uncertainty,
the possibility of failure and of heartbreak;

It's why we love the night away. Tiedye, a duo known for
a nearly flawless string of gorgeous tropical-inflected
tracks on the Italians Do It Better label, have taken on the task
of remixing DJ Kaos' already-excellent "Love the Nite Away,"
and effortlessly re-framed the striking vocals into
a shimmering pop masterpiece.

The bongos are pure Balearic disco,and the gruff, assertive,
and sincere vocals firmly in the tradition of Italo classics.
But the end result is a passionate dancefloor
slow burn of intense beauty, an incomparable summer soundtrack.

Dj Kaos - Love the night away (Tiedye remix)

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Arthit said...

Loved the girl on the left! Sadly this is the only pic of her! Great track as always.