Monday, June 15, 2009


Many people argue that this is the side of balearic that should rather be untouched and some go even further on to say that artists like Chris Rea are ideal material for aspiring wedding djs or music to drive by in a new Porsche that you bought during a severe midlife crisis.Since i'm not any of those people i always include a Chris Rea song in my ''b'' selections.Watersign is an album recorded by Chris Rea in 1983 that started out as a demo LP and was released without any any post studio production on the because Rea's record company showed no interest whatsoever in investing any money on this project.What was finally released was a demo with the use of drum machine instead of a drummer and some slight overdubbing over the original recordings.The result was a surprising success as the use of a drum machine and the absence of any lush production gimmicks gave the LP a sound that was resembled electronic synth pop than Rea's overproduced Dire Straits like pseudo bluesy material.So even if by mistake this album with it's wonderful compositions like I Can Hear Your Heartbeat,Shine Shine Shine,Nothing's Happening By The Sea or Love Strange Ways,still remains as the cornerstone of Chris Rea's career.Interesting story huh?Anyway this is Shine Shine Shine which makes you want to walk barefoot on beach holding hands with your girl of choice.

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