Tuesday, June 23, 2009

raving 89

From the people that gave you solid reasons to find reading exciting again with books like the Vince Alleti's The Disco Files,comes the second treat in their series of book releases.Raving 89 is a collection of stunning photographs from the "acid year'' as seen through the lens of Gavin Watson.Gavin Watson is a top photographer known mostly for his previous photographic deeds as featured in the books Skins And Skins and Punks focusing on the punk culture.This time he delivers a full picture of the raving days of 1989 through 200 pics plus some great memories from Gavin and his brother.The fashion,the laser lights,the haicuts,the warehouses,the smileys, it's all here.Pre ordering comes pretty soon but till then you can have a sneak preview

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