Wednesday, June 10, 2009

plein soleil

Alain Delon is beyond the shadow of a doubt one of the living proofs that beauty is a godlike feature and one of my all time heroes alongside the likes of Maurice Ronet.As a young kid i remember my father literally forcing me to watch Rene Clemen's classic masterpiece Plein Soleil,which still remains my favourite interpretation of Patricia Highsmith's novel describing the deeds of the young and talented Mr Ripley.I can still remember the magic of watching Alain on the screen for the first time.It's a picture that still follows me to this day.This is a song by Alain Delon which fits the mood of our blog for the month we are going through.Delon was not quite much of a singer but the song is beautiful in a way that is almost haunting.As you can see i tried hard not to use the ''B'' word and as it seems i tried hard enough.Till the next time..

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A Driver Under Influence said...

it is balearic!!!!!!

i said it!