Thursday, June 18, 2009


In early the 90's italo house was something more of a fashion in the european club scene.Sometimes exotic sometimes a bit cheesier than you might expect sometimes even mightier than America's output it was certainly something different from the more straightforward dance music that was coming either from the states or Albion.Favoured on the late acid scene and embraced by the balearic dj's back in Mallorca anthems like these one are a fine example of what some Mediterranean influences could sound like.The latin influences were more than clear on the Balearic scene especially after the infusion of some flamenco guitars that became more evident after the boom of Elkin And Nelson's epic Jibaro on the Ibiza dancefloors.The song posted is a classic in any way and can put fire in any dancefloor with it's amazing flamenco guitars blazing through some pseudo latin sampled vocals that are just great.

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Arthit said...

Loved the percussion bits! It chimes sweetly in my room.