Thursday, July 31, 2008

the hacienda must be built

Back in the days where the most common thing you could find on people was acid, the shrine for all the tripped astronauts believers was the Hacienda.The most common example on how the new wave movement transformed into the most groundbraking movement the world had seen and this happening mainly because of the genious brain of a guy called Tony Wilson,a band called New Order and a bunch of Dj's like Mick Pickering or Greg Wilson to name two.A fine example of what progession means is the fact that depression kings Joy Division transformed into Rave Zealots.Consider the fact that after the death of Ian Curtis all the other lads were listening to warehouse classics and italo.When recording Blue Monday,New Order were playing heavily an italo track called Dirty Talk by Klein M.B.O.You can clearly hear the influence on the best selling single of all time.Dirty Talk was one of the first exotic tracks to be played at the Hacienda and one of the biggest hits ever.Hacienda was the European equivalent of the Paradise Garage,The Warehouse and the Music Box.It transformed a mainly gay black drug culture to a universal thing.The fuel to set this fire on was acid and it made white boys fall in love with what was the music of the gay black gay elite of Chicago and New York.Records championed by legend Larry Levan like Don't Make Me Wait by Nyc Peech Boys became huge at the Hacienda.And suddenly another strange thing.A new wave of british bands started getting rotation on the turntables together with their American cousins.Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerard was a fine example of how the UK scene could make the heads turn in awe across the the other side of the Atlantic.Albion had already established a fond affection for black music since the 60's.The Northern Soul Allnighters originally based on the north of England were a primitive form of what would come next.The allnighters started changing their early 60's harcore soul repertoire into more 70's funk infused music at the beginning of the 80's.Uk bands started experimenting with Jazz Funk with groups like Level 42 championing the scene.What the Hacienda did was not an exact copy of what the afroamericans had proceeded creating but blend UK's long lastingclub tradition with all these new elements.This blend was a bomb consisted of Chicago house,New Wave,Disco,Jazz funk,Detroit Techno,Italo and last but not least acid.The name of the place where the bomb exploded is Manchester and after the explosion nothing remained the same.Hacienda was the cornerstone of a new era.The magnificent miracle of the black culture infiltrating the white world.Like with so many other cultures before acid house like Rockabilly,Mod,Northern Soul the confrontation of two worlds proved a miracle that produced civilisation.It's the same old story again again and again.Africa spreading it's warmth around the world reaching the industrial capitals of the white world and there something like magic happens.Detroit,Manchester and the list goes on.
The influence of the Hacienda on today's dance scene is enormous.Hacienda was the vehicle to take things on another level.Tony Wilson and his mates were visionaires that realised that everything has to evolve otherwise it dies.From the prototype robotic house drumming of Joy Division to New Order making a record in Ibiza the distance isn't that big as you may think.Below there is a list with some of the records that were big at the time and i consider classics of an era.One of them is Sub Sub with Space Face,one of my favourite dance tracks ever.One trivial piece of information is that the group known as Sub Sub is the group everyone knows as The Doves.Funny??Anyway there is a great live version of the Doves playing the best record they ever made at Glastonbury.

Mr Fingers-Can You Feel It
Nightwriter-Let the Music Use Yoo
Klein M.B.O-Dirty Talk
Sub Sub-Space Face
Sueno Latino-Sueno Latino
Holy Ghost Inc.-Mad Monks On Zinc
Salt City Orchestra-The Book
Sterling Void-It's Allright
808 State-Pacicfic State
A Guy Called Gerard-Voodoo Ray
Alison Limerick-Where Love Lives
Choice.Acid Eiffel
Orange Lemon-Dreams Of Santa Anna
The It-Donnie
Marshall Jefferson-Move Your Body
Inner City-Pennies From Heaven
Happy Mondays-Hallelujah
New Order-The Beach
Rocker's Revenge-Walking In Sunshine
Heaven 17-We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thing
Nyc Peech Boys-Dont Make Me Wait
Ron Trent-Altered States
Herbie Hancock-Rock It
Phuture-Acid Tracks
Frankie Knuckles-Baby Wants To Ride
We Call It Acieed-D-Mob & Gary Haisman

Chris-plaidmusic-July 31 2008

Sub Sub-Space Face


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awesome post.

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awesome mix dude!!! special mention for the nyc peech boys and the yello;;;

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