Monday, July 14, 2008


The mix includes some fresh spaced out disco and slo mo house
tracks and much loved old edits.
As the night moves on i like to keep things moving.
I'd like to take you to the other side of midnight,
far away from home.

"Workin on our night moves
In the summertime
In the sweet summertime".



1.Lindstrom - The long way home (Prins Thomas edit)
2.Max Essa - Dead acrobat
3.Mark E & Dragon - Good times (Quiet Village remix)
4.Jarle Brathen - Takras (Prins Thomas edit)
5.Max Essa - Telepath
6.Max Essa - Back to the beach
7.Dr John - Jet set (Clement Daphonics edit)
8.Discodromo - Cosmorama (Diskomilks remix)
9.Osborne - Wait a minute
10.Faze Action - Spark (dub mix)
11.Low Motion Disco -Things R Gonna Get Easier(Woolfy forgiveness mix)
12.Instand Boys - Nya forger
13.Moses McClean - Other side (Brennan Green redub & vocal redo)
14.Luke Solomon - Robots
15.Mungolian Jet Set - Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks
16.Bob Seger - Night moves (The Hong Kong micros TR808 mix)
17.Padded Cell - Fare Beneath London
18.Phantom Hand Band - Sore in the morning but worth it mix

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