Friday, July 25, 2008

hotter than july mixtape-track 7

I can remember vividely that every time this particular bassline started playing from an old cassete player after sunset everyone was in a state of euphoria.Omar's There's Nothing Like this had that certain feeling that epitomised a whole era.The whole Acid Jazz movement seems quite overworn now but it gave the world some strong tunes that still give you the shivers now.Maybe acid jazz was more of a revival of everything we love from the seventies and less a music movement.Whatever the case it was the sound of many summers.I used to spend my holidays with some real acid jazz affacionados,many years ago when i was still into psychedelic sixties music,and this whole new thing called acid jazz broaded my horizons in music.A really fond memory and a really beloved song.

Omar-There's Nothing Like This

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