Friday, July 18, 2008

round the corner

Street corner symphony was the music vehicle of Glenn Gunner and Pete Z.Their 1998 album No Running,No Bombing,No Petting was a tour de force of their skills as new disco zealots.Mostly based on live orchestration and less on electronics the music has a natural and original feeling found only on 70's recordings.Tracks like The Fifth Symphony and Symphonic Tonic make your jaw drop on the floor.A masterpiece of house music that still sounds fresh compared to anything the new disco scene has to offer.The next lines are from thanks section of the sleeve of the cd.

Thanks to Ashley Beedle,Andy Williams,Bob Jones,Ross Allen,Patrick Forge,Nu Phonic,Idjut Boys,Dimitri form Paris,The Dogstar,Dj Harvey&Heidi,Nigel Hayes,Dj CosmoRichard Welch,Simon Faze Lee and the list goes on.

Street Corner Symphony-The Fifth Symphony

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