Monday, July 7, 2008


Some years ago,when vcr was the only form of home entertaiment i used to record movies from tv.On a really hot night like today i bumped into this film by Eric Rhomer called La Collectionneuse .At the time i was already familiar with two more movies of his Ma nuit chez Maud and Le Genou de Claire.Both of them were part of Rhomer's ''Six Moral Tales'', a series of individual movies about morality in love.La Colectionneuse was the first full length movie of the series.Its a simple story(Rhomer's plots resemble simple relationship studies) about a young man (Adrien) who retires to a friend's mansion at the French Riviera to seek solitude while his girlfriend is in London.Accompanied by a friend they head for the mansion only to find that it is occupied by a girl.Adrian finds his plans ruined by the presence and the bohemain lifestyle of the girl.Adrein gets hostile with her accusing her of trying to make a collection of men.Later he finds out that he is part of that collection.In the prologue of the film Haydee Politoff who plays the Haydie is walking across a beach wearing a blue bikini.This scene sets the mood for the whole film.What Rhomer is doing here is worship the tanned body of a girl.What he does later is showing all the trouble it causes.Still everybody wants some trouble like that.Anyway enough said.On a summer night like this ,a movie like that could make a difference.I still have the tape but i don't have a vcr anymore..Nevermind i ve already watched it about 3 or 4 times.Now it's your turn.There is a great re issue on The Criterion Collection.Check it out.The soundtrack of the film was provided by Uk Psych outfit The Blossom Toes.
The Blossom Toes-When the Alarm Clock Rings

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