Monday, July 14, 2008

mr fingers

I could write a whole essay about the work of Mr Fingers aka Fingers Inc. aka Larry Heard.Well the purpose of this blog is not to tell you things we guess you are already familiar with or be a free mp3 site.Its more of our way to express feelings day by day using music as the media.A universal language everyone can understand.If we are getting across that's another thing.I hope something is going on here and our effort touches a soul or two out there.So not a lot to say about Mr larry Heard.One of the pivotal figures in house music he is still producing top quality house music through various labels and mostly on Track Mode records.His track Dance Of Planet X is from his album Alien On Black Market Records.I have been listening to it almost everyday the last week.Especially at night time under the stars.A classic from 1996.

Larry Heard-Dance Of Planet X

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