Friday, August 1, 2008


One of the happiest moments in my day is when i receive a comment on one of our posts.Sadly that doesn't happen much.Well if you think about it a comment is the only credit you can give to a blog or site for all the hard work that's involved,and believe me it's a lot.Most people with blogs like ours put a lot of effort in them nad just expect to interact with a handful of people that share the same passion.I mean there is no profit or prize for it.Just the feeling you get when you see something that you love getting loved by others.Trackwerk,a site that's in our link list made a similar post some days ago.And asked for the same thing.Comments for the playlists you can download from their site.This triggered my post along with the fact that i would hate our blog ending up as a download page.Otherwise i would not bother thinking,writing or trying to put a sense of aesthetic in this blog.Thanks to everyone who bothered writing a few words,even if it is about a broken link.Now i should start making some comments on blogs i like..


attax said...

I know what you mean. Keep up the good work :)

Raymond Costello said...

Message recieved- must admit I'm guilty of being a bit of a freeloader at times. Hardly ever posting any comments of gratitude.

But may I take this opportunity to say a massive thankyou for the work you put in. I download almost every track from your blog and always find it insightful with the attached song info.

I love music totally, but i love it even more when I know that something extra about the artist etc. responsible. I take great pride in remembering information even if it is just the bands nationality or what the song is supposedly about and sharing this info with others when i share the music at gigs/ on cd's i make for friends etc.

Pat yourself on the back for the huge amounts of work you put in, it doesn't go un-noticed. I'll try take the time in future to share my thougts in this and the other blogs i frequent.

Respect, mondo

Jude said...

fair enough.

having recently discovered this site, I can honestly say it's well worth updating. Certainly, it's worth my perusing.

Well fucking done!

sandra said...

great job.thank you.
sandra from france

Anonymous said...

Love your selection, particularly the balearic month.

Joburg South Africa

beka said...

well done well done!!! dont stop!

superstooops said...

Thanks for your blog! I got hip to a lot of great stuff. helping get the message out there. Keep up the great work!