Friday, August 1, 2008

British Dynamite!!!

The Hacienda post was only the beginning of a little special tribute to the Uk dance scene.Today's post is a reference to a pioneer named Greg Wilson,probably the one responsible for whole revolution of the way music was played in the Uk.The term electrofunk describes the music Greg Wilson was spinning at Manchester clubs like the Legend.Greg Wilson was he man who brought the B Boy sound of New Work to the Uk clubs.A mix of prototype electro with Jazz Funk from the Uk and the States.An extensive article about the topic is available at Electro Funk Roots.They've done a great research,and you can find a huge playlist with tracks from that period.One of the tunes that Greg Wilson used to spin back in that day was the obscure jazz funk Loco Moto by the Inversions.Quite a rare track as i can't seem to find a copy of the vinyl neitherin discogs nor at e-bay.So you' ll have to settle with the low quality mp3 i posted.Nevertheless it's frantic floorfiller that shows that white boys can jump.

Inversions-Loco Moto

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