Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the sea of the apocalypse

As i mentioned before on another post the days following my summer holidays are quite melancholic,hazy and lately hot as the temerature is at the boiling point in Athens.So the latest posts follow that slacker hazy mood.This is a very special post though as it comes from Greek band and from one of the best LP's ever.The band Aphrodite's Child,the infamous Vangelis and Demis Roussos project with the ''magician'' Loukas Sideras on drums.The album is 666,for many people the best prog record of the 70's.If you ask me i can't agree more.It's a concept album based on Saint John's apocalypse as interpeted on a concept book by Costas Ferris.The story is that of a circus troupe giving a show based on the apocalypse scripts.While the circus is giving a performance about the apocalypse outside the tent the real revelation is taking place.The audience thinks that all is part of the show but the narrator knows that all of this is the work of god and not the troupe.Then the tent dissapears and the two shows merge into a real battle between god and the devil himself.Like many concept albums before 666 follows the timeline of a rock opera like Tommy or Sgt Peppers.Aphrodite's child were really famous in Europe mostly for their earlier and more pop oriented work,like It's Five O'Clock,The End Of The World or i want to live.Their sucess boosted Vangelis and Demis Rousos into stardom.Their music legacy is huge and 666 stands out as a masterpiece.Aegean sea is one of the best tracks of the album and it's describes perfectly the vastness and beauty of the sea.I hope that people who are not familiar with this record will get in touch with is magic.

Aphrodite's Child-Aegean Sea

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