Wednesday, August 27, 2008

notre dame

Since i started getting biblical with the revelation of Aphrodites Child i thought it would be fun to continue in the same vain so todays post is again dealing with religious and occult matters.THe nmae that connects Aphrodite's child with todays post is Egyptian,Greek French disco mastemind Alec R Costandinos.Alec was responsible for many compositions and productions of the band and was a mutual friend of Vangelis and Demis Roussos.Demmis' Loft classic L.O.V.E got a hold on me is written and produced by Alec as well as his worldwide hit My Friend The Wind.The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the famous story by Victor Hugo set in Paris around 1482.It describes the hopeless love of the deformed and deaf bellringer Quasimode for the 16 year old gypsy girl Esmeralda.The story has been adapted numerous times for the big screen.The most interesting adaptation of the story was the musical written by Alec R Costandinos.Alec R Costandino's real name is Alexandre Kouyoumdjiam and was born in Cairo Egypt in 1944.His mostly known trough his collaborations with French disco wizard Cerrone and his partner Don Ray.His work with Don Ray under the names of Shinx and Sumeria are typical examples of the Euro Disco sound.His solo work was mostly influenced by biblical and classical themes and had the form of imaginary soundtracks,something like a disco musical.His most succesful work in that vein was Romeo and Juliet.His film work included the soundtrack for the the film Trocadero Lemon Blue.Maybe the most weird thing he recorded was the story of Judas Iscariot along with Don Ray under the name Sphinx.Love and Kisses disco stomper ''I've found love'' is another example of his profilic producing.Either mainstream or artistic his sound was always distinctive,filled with orchestral sounds and classical styled.Alec R Costandinos was the king of symphonic disco,if there is term like that whatsoever..Here we are dealing with the disco version of Hunchback of Notre Dame and this particular one is a shorter edit i made out of he original as i thought that the track was getting a bit cheesy sometimes and the narration was getting the groove out of the song.I guess now it works better for your dancefloor.In the next posts i am going to explore a little more the work of the two unsung heroes of European disco,Don Ray and Alec R Costandinos so keep an eye open.

Alec.R.Costandinos-The Hunchback Of Notre Dame-Crisis Edited Version

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