Friday, August 22, 2008

the sound of silence

The sound of the summer is probably that of silence interrupted by the sound of the sea,a cricket or an old refrigator making a repetitive but discreet noise.The closest i could find to that is a piece of music by Brian Eno and Harold Budd from their LP The Pearl.Every time i get back from my holidays i have this deep melancholy and my mind starts wandering over the years and every single summer i spent since i was a kid.A half empty rented room with a few furniture and a terrace with a view to the sun is one of the most fond memories of my summers.As the night fell the only thing you could see was the starlight and a few headlights from the mountains ahead.On a quiet night you could hear the sea singing.Everybody would pause for a while and listen to her song.It was the best song ever and it's still humming in my ears.I've been listening to this record all day trying to catch that moment again and hope i'll have the chance to escape to an island before autumn settles in.Then i will wait till it gets dark and play this record again.But on a different setting.

Brian Eno&Harold Budd-A Stream With Bright Fish

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