Monday, August 18, 2008

welcome to the plaidsuredome

Hello Hello Hello ! ! !
Back to life ! Back to reality ! Back to plaid !

Just came back from Istanbul where I had an amazing time.
summer still goes on!!!
so welcome ....
... with Frankie Goes to Hollywood. and from their debut L.P.
"welcome to the pleasuredome". the title track .
The lyrics of the song were inspired by the poem Kubla Khan
"Kubla Khan, or a Vision in a Dream. A Fragment."
by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which takes its title from the Mongol
and Chinese emperor Kublai Khan of the Yuan Dynasty.

Frankie goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the pleasuredome (13:39)

1 comment:

A Driver Under Influence said...

Kubla Khan is one the most beautiful poems ever written, when you read it it's as if Samuel is painting the images in myour mind..

and an equally great song by Frankie, i never heard before i must say!

welcome back!