Wednesday, March 3, 2010

dr rob-a place in the sun mix

Dr Rob tends to be one of the most prolific men on the job delivering on great mix after the other while in the same time succeeds in never being repetitive.So this time he focused on some 80's leftfield pop action.Ranging from the arabic flavoured mayhem of Pulse 8 to the weird balearic pop of the Impossible Dreamers this is definitely one to watch out for.From one of Tokyo's finest this is ''A Place in the Sun''

Chakk – The Years I Worked

T.A.G.C. – Big Sex

The Photos – There`s Always Work (dub)

The Pool – A Place In The Sun

Topper Headon – East Meets West

B.I. & Co. – How Do You Love? (inst.)

Basia – Freeze Thaw

Kassav – Love & Ka Dance

Dissidenten – Bajka`s Gnaoui

Impossible Dreamers – Running For Cover

Pulse 8 – Radio Morrocco

Street Level – Act On Instinct

D.A.F. – Pure Joy

Alexander Robotnick – A Love Supreme

Kissing The Pink – Certain Things Are Likely

China Crisis – Tragedy & Mystery

The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly

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Arthit said...

Just had a chance to hear this last night. A bit like your Lost Weekend mix weeks ago, but more punchy. Still capturing the spirit very well - good to see a varied spectrum of genres blended. I know there are some belearic bones hiding somewhere in China Crisis.